Welcome to the website of Cycling Across Borders; devoted to the cycling exploits of the Greenham family, supporting Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) through our bike rides.

Please choose from the menu to read about us, plus our blogs and photos from each year’s rides.

We are pleased MSF Australia continues to endorse our fund-raising rides ‘at home’, principally the annual Mount Gambier to Melbourne trek on the March longweekend – 2016 will be the 9th occasion and you are invited to join! Financial and moral support is continually required by the humanitarian organisation, especially following the terrible hospital bombing in Kabul in October 2015. Check out our itinerary and how to donate, or even better, join us on the ride!

2015 saw our third overseas awareness-raising ride, with ‘Lisbon to Llubljana’ being the alliterative catchphrase. In fact the fulltime cycling was done on the Caminho do Mar, from Sintra [Portugal] to Santiago de Compostela [Spain]. Following that was intermittent stints to Lyon in France, then a car/boat/bus trip across northern Italy to Slovenia, Albania and Greece. Check out the map further down.

Earlier in 2015 was our most successful Mt Gambier to Melbourne ride yet. At times over a dozen riders were sharing the journey.

Apart from the annual Mt Gambier to Melbourne ride (see 2014 and 2013 reports), 2013 was finished with a 650km ride from Devonport to Southport, Tasmania (north to south). It was a beautiful and often challenging ride; check out the story and some photos here.

2012 saw another European journey; from Ankara to Athens. Again, a Mount Gambier to Melbourne ride was done to raise money (and train the legs!). Thanks to Human Powered Cycles in Northcote for preparing our bikes for this European trip.

2007 saw the premier ‘Mount Gambier to Melbourne’ ride of 500km, plus a European trip from ‘Rotterdam to Rome’. Nearly 3000kms were covered, and plenty of stories created, during the two rides.

2008 repeated the trip from Mount Gambier to Melbourne. Now an annual journey, the 2010 and 2011 rides were fully endorsed fundraisers for Médecins Sans Frontières Australia. In 2009, due to involvement in the Black Saturday fires the ride had to be cancelled.

Thank you for all the support on our rides and for donations to Médecins Sans Frontières, in 2011 we have passed AUD$10,000 raised! To keep the total rising, please donate in Australia via the Everyday Hero website (renewed prior to each event) or the Australian Médecins Sans Frontières office. For people overseas please donate through the Médecins Sans Frontières International link.

You can check out the Sintra to Santiago route map below. Please use the normal Google Maps functions to zoom and scroll.

Below is the 2012 Ankara to Athens map. The map can also be viewed in its original post.

Below is the route map of our Mount Gambier to Melbourne rides.

The next map is our mammoth journey through Europe, cycling from Rotterdam to Rome. The 2400km was done in 28 days of cycling, amongst a 57 day journey.

Follow this link to view our route on the website bikemap.net (shows the roads taken).

Alternatively, the kml file can be downloaded and opened for viewing in Google Earth.

3 responses to “Home

  1. Jen

    Great site Billy! Good job … lots of memories and still more to come. Viva les Greenhams!

  2. Val colley

    Great job. We are enjoying the posts here and on Facebook. Lots of love Val and Ian.

  3. Peter Beekhuizen

    Far better than cycling to the “kassen” in Rockanje.
    I’m enjoying the site. Have fun. Peter

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