(Originally posted Tuesday 03 April, 2007)

Well, we’ve landed safely, albeit tired. Leaving Oz 3:00pm and arriving in Amsterdam 22 hours later. (Thur. 29th)

Dad and I don’t start the real cycling untill the 20th of April. So for the moment we are resting up at his sister’s house in Rockanje, not far from Rotterdam. We’ve already managed to see some of the counrtyside, a lot of it on our new (2nd hand) bikes. They look great but dad is already complaining about his saddle!

We spent yesterday at Brielle, helping celebrate the anniversary of re-capturing the town from the Spanish. A great day filled with medieval costumes and cannons.

A lot of our time is going into preparation of our address at Villers-Bretonneux, where we are speaking about the Great Ocean Road and it’s part in helping returning soldiers get work.

Dad’s memories of Holland have been impressive (most of the time), and the rest of us are loving the new experience.

Stay tuned for more updates out of Europe!


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