A tiny Swiss update

(Originally posted Wednesday 13 June, 2007)

First of all, apologies for the tardiness. Internet access has been almost non-existant for the past 3 weeks. Furthermore, after typing for an hour today at an internet cafe my computer decided to crash.

This certainly doesn’t bring it up to date but I will give anything possible at the moment.

Day 26, Wed 16 May – Giromagny to St Ursanne, 76km

We returned to the Ballon d’Alsace but thankfully didn’t have to climb it again. Instead we zoomed to Belfort; a very lovely city even if we didn’t stop. The Swiss border came and went with nothing of note, except the weather was holding (just). We lunched at Porrentruy, tried the famous cheesecake (literally cheese in a cake, not to our taste at all!)
It started raining within five minutes of leaving town and we had it all the way home, including the 800 metre height of Sur la Croix. Lunch was starting to tease our stomachs. After arriving back absolutely soaked even the best shower I’d had in Europe couldn’t revive me.
Day 27, Thur 17 May
Thanks to the weather and sicknesses we decided to stay another night but it meant shifting rooms to allow the pre-booked Swiss on their public holiday in. A carload went to Solothurn to look around and to drop mum and Maggie off at the station, ready to go to Vienna.
It was still raining.
While they were gone Cal and I found a small creek that came splashing out of the mountains and decided to get dirty. After a good 50metres of climbing we finally found a waterfall complete with cave behind it.
Day 28, Fri 18 May – Glovelier to Langnau, 97km
The sun was finally shining as Aunty Poodge dropped us off at Glovelier, where our hike had finished. We came straight into the magnificent Gorge du Pichoux; a slow climb between two sheer cliff faces, with a swollen river crashing beside us. We came down a big hill into Moutier, heart of the Jura, and were straight out again. We had an expensive yet delicious restaurant sandwich at the foot of the Weissenstein, where we luckily bumped into the support crew who took our packs.
The 15% gradient was a killer on my fragile stomach, by the time we got to the top of the 1700m we were both gulping in the air. Going down was a stomach churning 22%, it was just too scary to go as quickly as possible.
I can say that I visited Solothurn, if only for fifteen minutes. We were running late and took the bike path to Burghdorf then to Langnau. The legs had had enough by the time we reached the finish line.
Accommodation was tough to find and the McGuirks had gone to Bern. Dad, Jordy, Poodge and I stayed near Langnau. Jordy had a great time at the Burghdorf fair.


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