We’ve been in Ankara for two days now and everything is going pretty smoothly. A bit of a hiccough with our hotel transfer who had been at the airport at midnight the night before rather than noon when we landed but we managed to salvage the situation with ‘Turklish’ and a fair amount of emphatic gesturing! Jordy also managed to lose his wallet but luckily someone at the airport handed it in. Needless to say he will not be trusted with anything from now on!

So far in the culinary journey we’ve had our first Kebap (sooo good), eaten helva for breakfast, tried the most amazing bagel/pretzel rings we are yet to find the name of, had Turkish çay (tea) and coffee and roasted chestnuts from street vendors (albeit at a inflated price for the tourists!).

This morning we visited the Australian embassy to meet the officials there that have organized for us to take an Auskick session at a local school tomorrow. In the afternoon we went to visit Anit Kabir the mausoleum of Mustafa Atatürk, the founder of ‘Modern Turkey’. Jordy and Maggie made a friend there, a little boy who wanted a photo with the ‘blond englishes’ 🙂 However, getting there wasn’t so easy when Michael took us 6 Kms out of our way to the ministry of tourism where we were lucky to meet some very friendly security guides to organize a Taksi for us (Elly’s secretly pleased that now she’s not the only one teased about having misread a map). Jordy received admiration there too from one who said ‘you very handsome boy, well done. High five!’…..brilliant 🙂

People here are amazingly friendly at the hotel, tourist sites and everywhere on the street. It’s really lovely we just wish we were a little better at Turkish!


Ankara’s famous citadel


Reassembling the bikes



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3 responses to “Ankara

  1. Jen

    Sounds great! Blond and beautiful – no wonder the Turks love you! xx

  2. We certainly stand out! X

  3. Jen

    you da man jordy!!! keep losing those wallets!

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