Auskick at Jale Tezer Koleji

A brilliant day!
An early start with brekky at the hotel that’s an absolute feast with cheeses and cold meats to eggs and savory pastries to 20 different types of biscuits and helva.

We returned to the embassy to meet Elif who organized the Auskick and David the Defence Attaché ( who unfortunately is an avid Pies fan!) and were given a diplomatic convoy to the Tezer a P12 school that had volunteered to have us.
It was an incredible school complete with indoor swimming pool with a spa and slide and professional fitness gym!
We met the principal and staff and 10 cups of çay later moved to the gym where the kiddos were given a run down of the game.
We spent nearly the whole day there working with students from 8 to 12 who absolutely loved the novelty of such a new sport. They were amazingly skillful really,Jordy reckoned they played better than Port Power anyway!
So fun but so loud!
Jordy was popular again and one little girl event wrote Maggie a letter during lunch!
Elly became a favorite after handing out little kangaroos and Michael certainly inspired the PE teacher who vowed he would not rest until he mastered the art of bouncing the footy 🙂

Afterwards we were taken to the Red Lion, the pub at the British embassy, by Elif’s Australian husband Chris and then some shopping for shoes for Jordy and to buy some of the amazing dried fruit and nuts that are abundant here. We also managed to buy shampoo and conditioner, no mean feat that’s for sure!

Early to bed tonight ready to travel to Cappadocia tomorrow!



The lovely kids




Maggie’s letter

The carts are everywhere here and sell the most amazing things called Simit which are like sesame seed covered thin bagels





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2 responses to “Auskick at Jale Tezer Koleji

  1. Jen

    That sounds absolutely brilliant! I can imagine the delight as you surveyed the breakfast – pigs in mud.
    And how good is Auskick! The power of sport eh? Go you good things!
    Wondering where you put the flowers on the bike??

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