Göreme (Gooremeh)

Today we said Hoşça Kal to Ankara for Göreme in Cappadocia a region about four hours from the capital.
We were super excited not just from having read about it quite a lot in the holiday planning but from just about every Turk we’ve met.
From our receptionist to taxi drivers and even the man selling Simit on the street they’ve all seemed surprised at our plan for a week in Ankara until we mention Cappadocia. ‘Cappadocia, yes, very nice but Ankara maybe not so good. Not much to happen here’.
Getting there meant a long bus ride, that of course meant the chance for 3 cups of çay and an early morning (much earlier than needed actually because we’d been told there was 9 o’clock buses but in fact the earliest was 11!) but it has been worth it!

The area is famous for stone structures called Fairy Chimneys that look a little like termite mounds that people have lived in for centuries and still do to this day. Göreme is the central town where they are located and it’s full of them.

Our hotel is built into the sides of one and the effect is pretty stunning. We also hit the jackpot with the owner, Yasin,who is so lovely. He organized tours and balloon flights or the next few days and who, with his dog Dino, came with us for a walk through the caves and hills this afternoon and reccomened the restaurant in town most like the food they eat at home, ‘but maybe not quite so good I think’!

Jordy finally got the baklava he had been dying for though we’re all pretty sure it’s not the best we’ll have, it didn’t have enough filling so now the hunt for Turkey’s best baklava is on!

It’s another early night though because we have to be up at 5 tomorrow for the balloons!

Our hotel and our very own fairy chimney room.






Dinner! Dolma, stuffed peppers, pide, soup, chilli paste, cheese, köfte, Turkish tortilini and baklavaaaaaa. Mmmm baklava…..





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2 responses to “Göreme (Gooremeh)

  1. Jen

    Wow! It looks so fantastic!!!! I’m living it vicariously xxxxxx

  2. Claire

    Well I’m enjoying reading it all

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