Land of Beautiful Horses

Jordy and dad had another early start today getting up to walk to a high vantage point watch the balloons take off. I’ve got the flu so wasn’t too keen and mum wanted to clean up “how can you leave you’re clothes on the floor!?”.

We went on a ‘Green Tour’ all day that took us out of Göreme to Cappadocia’s famous underground city, the oldest monastery in the region, Turkey’s longest valley and a local onyx masonry.

The underground city was pretty mind boggling. Kilometers of tunnels underground housing at least 3000 people complete with ventilation, booby traps, stables, churches and more. Out the front there was an old lady making Cappadocian dolls so dad and I bought 2 for good luck to mount on our bikes ( a bargain at 2 lira each!).

The Ihlara valley is Turkey’s longest, 14 kms. We walked 4 of it which was beautiful. We saw workers building things with willow they’d chopped, planting corn and even some turtles along the way. Plus we got a chance to meet some others on the tour with us. There was a South Korean couple on a 20 day honeymoon who were moving to Canberra after they’d finished the trip. A French guy backpacking around Turkey, a man from a tiny island in Taiwan, a Japanese guy from Tokyo on a 40 day European holiday who Jordy and I swore was a Samurai, two American college students and a Canadian Couple. Again we had a really nice tour guide, Suat.
Lunch at a lovely riverside restaurant then to the monastery.
It was built in the cliffs and is the oldest one in Cappadocia. Some of the land around it was filmed and used as scenes in Star Wars but the actually filming of actors took place in Tunisia.

lastly we stopped at a workshop that specialized in producing jewelry and sculptures fom local onyx. We saw a man shaping pieces and buffing them ( all sans earmuffs and safety goggles!)
Once he’d done he said whoever answered his question correctly would get what he’d made. It was “what does Cappadocia mean?”. I knew that one, “land of beautiful horses” (it sounds better read with a Turkish accent!) so I one a little statue I think looks like an egg in an egg cup.

Mum and Dad returned to Tribal Collections and ended up buying a set of two matching old Dowry carpets and a Cappadocian woven kilim mat to hang.

For dinner we went to the friendliest place, Köy Evi which means village house. Half way through two men brought out drums and a sitar like instrument and played some traditional Turkish music. A perfect finish to Cappadocia!!!

A baby camel and my Cappadocian doll




The underground caves




The monastery




The valley





Jordy eating salad!!


The onyx man (note the lack of earmuffs and glasses!) and the prize I won



Mum with the certificates of authenticity for the carpets



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  1. Jen

    Have missed the last few posts (down at Cudi with expired credit – how did that happen so quickly?!) so am catching up today. Lovely news, interesting bits and photos – great job Mags – sorry you’ve got the flu tho’. xx

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