Hotmails, Hittites and a Karate master

Today we had a lot of organisation to do!
It was our first real sleep in of the trip but we spent hours packing up all our gear and reassembling Dad’s and my bikes.
We were happy though to be back in Ankara because the Oğul Turk hotel’s breakfast is the best! We also had other guests here for the first time, an American Football team from Istanbul. We were all eating breakfast together when Dad asked me to check the hotmails to see if they’re we’re any new ones and Mum was quick on the ball, “they’re certainly a lot of new hot males here!”. It would have to be up there for the best lines so far.
Jordy was wearing his Melbourne Victory training shirt and one of the guys asked if he played for them and he made up this elaborate lie that he did!
After lunch we set of for the Museum on Anatolian History, we’d been told and read it was the must do activity in Ankara. It was pretty good except a large portion was closed for renovation. What was there was super interesting, particularly the world’s oldest dated mirror made of obsidian by the neolithic people and a whole collection of Hittite artifacts. Dad reckons he was born in the wrong time and would have enjoyed being a Hittite.
Jordy and I had another paparazzi moment when no fewer than three school groups, 60 kids lined up to get one on one photos with us.
Just nearby was the Citadel so we headed off up there and were just walking around the outside for half an hour or so being followed by this guy. Eventually he introduced himself as a karate master from Iran on holidays,mthat was fine but he followed us around the citadel for at least another hour and then back down as we were leaving. We had to politely ask him if it was ok if he stopped it and eventually he did. As dad would say “just a little bit weird”.
We returned to our favourite place to eat öğün köfte for dinner with a little kangaroo for the chef, a really nice guy who we’d chatted to the five times we’d been there!
A last cup of çay and we hit the hay to be ready for the 5 45 am start on our first cycling day!

The museum, young boys playing marbles, the older ones playing soccer, the shanty towns being redeveloped and dinner so fresh it’s still clucking when you buy it!








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