Raining on the Silk Road and Rebecca Black is just too easy to parody.

Tuesday, Tuesday a big ride on Tuesday
Everyone’s looking forward to a shower
Showering, showering yeah!
Showering, showering yeah!
Yum, yum, yum, yum
Looking forward to a Turkish meal

You know you’re in trouble when all three of us sing Rebecca black non-stop!!!

Today was actually a really enjoyable ride but it rained ‘dogs and cats’ as the Turkish say. From Beypazari to Nalihan is on the Silk Road which is pretty cool. We left Beypazari quite late, at 12, so we had a chance to look around. It was a picturesque place with ottoman housing and little lane ways with fruit, vegetables, nuts and dessert spewing out from shops into the street. Especially compared to the other towns we’ve seen it was paradise!
We also spent half an hour with the local paper, the man who owned the pensionyu we stayed at told us ‘my friends would like photos of brave cyclists’. They’ll email us the photo and article later so I’ll post it then.

20 minutes out of Beypazari it began to pour. Luckily it wasn’t as cold as yesterday so it was actually pretty fun, we ended up very muddy!

We tried our first drink of tap water today. The guidebooks say it’s not always very good but we can’t buy bottled water forever. Unfortunately it was at a coal mining and power factory town so probably full of nota intents but if we get sick we’ll know why!

We met a funny lady and had the most ridiculous exchange because she didn’t know any English and our Turkish vocab was exhausted after about then words. Thanks to toilets I knew the work for male and female so when she pointed at me and said ‘bayan’ to dad ‘bay’ and then at Jordy and shrugged I understood! He still looks like a tomboy apparently!

Still raining after lunch the hills seemed to pop up out of nowhere. Dads flat 50km ride was in fact a 60km one that was certainly undulating!

Jordy’s chain link broke and a few panniers fell off again but no problems that were insurmountable.

We arrived at Nalihan just before six and found a hotel that’s pretty basic but has a shower and bed so it’ll do!
The friendly owner had a cafe next door and it was çorba (soup), pilau (rice pilaf) and şiş kebap all round. Çay too of course!!!






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4 responses to “Raining on the Silk Road and Rebecca Black is just too easy to parody.

  1. Jen

    OMG! Hills and rain and Rebecca Black! (whoever she is!!) What champions you are!

  2. Sorry about the typo, the iPad trying to make two sentences not one!

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