10% and tiles

A departure time record record was set today. No, we shouldn’t blame Geyve for our quick get away either! We managed to get organsied last night, miraculous!

Unfortunately 35kms of today’s ride was a busy, gritty freeway made worse buy an awful lot of rain but it wasn’t uphill so a win there! We made a friend with our ever improving turkish when we stopped for çay, a road worker from Trebzon. We were able tell him our relations to each other, our ages, where we were from, our ride route, whether we were at school and that it was raining 🙂
We got from him he was’yermi üch’ (23) had once had long hair like Jordy, had 3 siblings (1 ‘bayan’ and 2 ‘bay’) and that he was crazy about TrebzonSpor. Not bad at all!
Still raining we hit the road again until we found an olive oil shop on the side of the road where we nearly ended up with olive hand sanitizer instead of oil!
After fuelling up we were faced with a 4km climb half of which was a 10% gradient!!!!
99 bottles of beer got old after the 3rd rendition so I started 99 cups of çay. I’m not sure what dad and Jordy were thinking but we all did it tough!
Luckily we had a mostly downhill last 20kms into Iznik but no view from all the rain and foginess.
I also had the first flat of the trip and so we stood in the rain on the side of the road getting splashed by passing cars as we replaced the tube. Lots of friendly people stopped to offer help though!
The last 10kms was brilliant though, we were averaging 32kms/hr. Not too shabby!
Nearly as much fun as yesterday’s descent into Geyve.( Though we’re happy to report Iznik is a bejillion times nicer than Geyve!)
Mum had a pansiyon waiting for us with a very friendly owner and an awesome shower.
We ventured out to see a Müzesi of roman ruins, the famous Green Mosque and some beautiful ceramic shops. Iznik is famous for tiles and it’s luckiy we haven’t got more room because otherwise we’d be coming home with a couple of kilos of ceramics as well as our three carpets!
Dad got his boots shined on the street from a pretty funny man with 6 fingers all up and a pretty funny sense of humour. He ordered us all çay, tried to give us all cigarettes and then didn’t want dad to pay him!

It’ll be nice having a rest day here tomorrow!





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  1. That is an impressive amount of baggage you’re carrying there!

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