Jenny shots and lunch with an Imam

After a big three days dad decided we should take a day off. Jordy and I weren’t about to argue (‘and there was much rejoicing!’).
We’d planned to ride 5 days straight then one day off before arriving at Yalova to catch a ferry to istanbul. However after the last three days being pretty intense and three more 70+ km days it was going to be too much.
We’d had a chance to look around Göynük last night and thought it was a pretty nice looking place and the accommodation we had was brilliant.
So we slept in until 8 then walked into the town for a pretty leisurely breakfast and then back for a nanny nap and some much needed clothes washing. I fell asleep at 10 and didn’t wake up until 12 but meanwhile the others had gone into town to look at what we called ‘The Great Wall of Göynük’. On their walk they’d stopped to buy some sunscreen at the chemist (which cost 40 liras, the same price as a night’s accommodation!) and met the chemist’s husband, Ertan, the local vet who spoke some English. He told us about a friend who’d lived in Australia for 19 years(he went there in 89) but who’d recently returned to goynuk and suggested we meet for lunch.
We had lunch and a great chat, just too short as the call to prayer came as we were talking. But his job was really interesting, he was the head imam at a religious school for boys wanting to become imams. We felt pretty honored to have the opportunity talk to him!
After a little more exploring we met the chemist, Nirzen and Ertan again who showed us Göynük and in return we told them all about Australia and gave them a book on Haywood and Australian animals. Dad’s new definition of difficult is explaining Australia’s OHS policies to a Turk.
We were also invited to the Islamic school the imam was the head of for more çay and Dad certainly made an impression when he was asked what religion he was and replied ‘I am all religions’.
We would have spent more time with Ertan but unfortunately our very disorganized luggage could no longer be ignored and took up the last few hours of the day.
We also managed to take lots of ‘Jenny Shots’ as dad calls them of our flash ‘evi’!








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