Our man Mütfa

Today’s route is what cycling tourists dream of.
25km of downhill on pristine roads with the sun shining, newly blossoming fruit trees and friendly farmers shouting ‘Merhaba!’ left, right and centre, a good solid 7km climb then the most glorious 10km descent into a lush alley to finish off the day. The only spoiler was all the dogs and one little bingle. There must be more dogs in turkey than kangaroos at home (certainly more dead on the sides of the road!). Our crash wasn’t very far from Göynük and luckily wasnt serious though it could have been. We hit some bumps and dad’s front pannier fell of and bounced right in front of my wheel which span around causing my bike to flip and then meaning jordy ran right over my back wheel and nearly my seat and then his bike stacking it too. Luckily I managed to unclip in time and jump off and jordy wasn’t clipped in so he managed to jump off too though he scraped his knee a little. The worst part was we had to jump straight up again and drag our bikes out of the way of a car just behind us! If I hadn’t of unclipped he would of ran right over me and we probably would have been hit by the car too! We were a bit shaken but when the weather’s good and the road is flat it’s hard to worry 🙂
We were also invited in for çay by a nice guy. Not much talking happened just lots of smile. Perfect for a new parody of Men at Work, ‘I said do you speak my language? He just smiled and gave me a cup of çay’. I think the more riding we do the worse our jokes become!
We stayed in town called Geyve ( pronounced Gayveh, nüfüs 24 00) that was, well, a little bit not very nice. Fairly dirty and derelict and hard to find accommodation in.
We couldn’t find any hotels and ended up in a boarding type house for teachers (thanks to Ertan helping us).
At lunch we met some very enthusiastic restraunt workers who all but spoon fed us. One man even tipped up my bowel for me to get the last spoonful out!!!! We wonder how so much of Turkish life is casual and laid back yet dining out happens in this blur of bread,beef and over-bearing waiters!
They even called in a friend from the Turkcell next door how we liked the food. The Turkcell man, Mütfa, was very enthusiastic to meet us and before we knew had called his friend the taxi driver to take us to an Atatürk museum in the next village. The museum wasn’t great but Mütfa was. He told us all about his job, his motorbike he’d just crashed and all his hopes and dreams for the future. Halfway through our little tour the shop he was working at called but he just replied ‘Im busy, tamam? Be back later’. Only in Turkey can you just wander away from work to take some Aussies for a tour of maybe the most unexciting place in Turkey 🙂
We then had 4 hours to kill before bedtime and so we played cards and ate banana on bread for dinner while watching women’s European handball and wondering about Turkish building regulations when water was dripping through three different spots from the roof and from around the ceiling light yet couldn’t seem to come out of the taps where we wanted it! The shower didn’t seem to understand what was required of it either unfortunately.
Never mind though, it was warm and we had beds!


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  1. The jokes definitely seem to be getting worse… 😉

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