Can I help you spend your monies?

Istanbul is incredible!
After a sleep in and the best breakfast of the trip we set off to see the Sultanahmet/ Blue Mosque.
The weather was brilliant and the city is so attractive; clean, graffiti free and not full of touts.
We took a guided tour of the mosque which was spectacular! Much better than any cathedral we’ve seen! Even more amazing when you consider everything is original and no updating has been done except the carpet on the floor. 600 year old tiles that don’t look a day old!
We’d met up with Ric and Marg Dickman just before the mosque which was great too.
After the mosque we visited the Basillica Cistern that’s below the centre of the city. It was used as a water for water storage in Ottoman times, was forgotten and just newly opened for people to see. It was pretty spooky, especially two pillars that were supported by Medusa heads!
We all sat and had çay in the sun then decided to brave the Grand Bazar. Wasn’t that an experience! Mads and I haggled a lot but didn’t buy anything we just enjoyed walking along with shopkeepers yelling stuff out to grab our attention.
I wrote down some of the best ones people said to me
You looking for my carpet shop, yes? Can I help you spend your monies?
Is it me you’re looking for? I have nice things (breathing over Maddie’s shoulder Golem style)
Yes I’m here. Life is fun!
Hey angel face, you must be angel!
Hello spice girls ( to Maddie, Ella and I)
Woah, hello lovely sisters! (To Maddie and I)
Hello Angeline Jolie ( to Maddie)

And my favorites!
Excuse me, You dropped something. You dropped my heart!
Where are you from? China?

We lost the others who all were mislead to some guy’s carpet shop for tea.

Hours flew by in then and before we knew it we had to make it back to the hotel to meet Alex who’d just arrived and have dinner.
We went for dinner at a fish restaurant that was pretty good. We also tried Turkish ice cream (unfortunately I can’t eat it!), the serving of it was pretty theatrical!
We said goodbye to Ric and Marg who are off to London to do the marathon on Sunday there but gladly made our way back to our beds!












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