It’s alive!

Our 6th day of cycling was super enjoyable.
We left at 8 to give ourselves plenty of time to reach our 3:30 fairy in Yalova to Istanbul but didn’t need it!
The area around Iznik was really beautiful, so fertile and full of fruit trees in blossom. The only downside was we were caught in peak hour tractor traffic!
After ‘slaying’ the first 30kms as Jordy says to Orhangazi we had a small rest and soup them were powering on again.
Comin gout of Orhangazi was fairly hilly, some 10% hills, but nothing we hadn’t done before! One poor old farm truck got stuck up a hill when it ran out of petrol so we stopped and helped wedge rocks behind the wheels to stop it rolling away because the hand brake didn’t work.
As we were riding we came up to this servo with a gypsy looking tent, like people would have used when it was the Silk Road and there was this camel statue there. The closer we got the more we admired the craftsmanship until we wondered if was a taxidermy model when It turned around to look at us. Dad was so surprised he just about fell off his bike!
The last 10kms was a descent to Yalova (5 meters above sea level as the welcome sign says) which took no time (nor effort!) at all.
We made it to the ferry docks by 1:00pm, pretty darn good!
We went and got döners for lunch from the same shop we’d got them from yesterday that we’re really tasty and just 2 liras!!
I had an interesting time at the market. I wanted some apples and asked for beş (five) but instead got five liras worth which was 2 kilos! A little bit lost in translation! Then this old, very traditional looking Turkish lady came up and asked for a photo with Jordy and I, even Jordy’s ego fails to see how we can be so interesting 🙂
We met up with mum who’d bused it to Yalova then boarded the ferry. It was and hour’s trip but passed quickly (episode 1 of season 2 Game of Thrones, yay!).
Before we knew it we were in Istanbul! Quel excitement!
Finding our hotel wasn’t as hard as we’d thought and we’d caught up with the Firths and with the Pratts who’d also just arrived in no time.
Our hotel is brilliant and we have a lovely sea view from the terrace.
Dinner was an adventure, we tried raki for the first time and then we were all more than ready for bed, Rob and Sue especially who’d been on their long haul flight that day.
Elijah’s in heaven here (“we have an elevator”!!!!) and it’s so nice to hear someone so enthusiastic about EVERYTHING.

Leaving via the Istanbul gate and the heads on it. First glimpses of Istanbul and an ad for toast on the ferry. Dinner and Elijah








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