Plombieres Les Bains revisited

A rainy rest day!
With such inclement weather we though walking around Iznik all day wouldn’t be too much fun and so decided to head to the hot springs at Yalova on Ali the hotel owner’s advice.
It was an hour bus ride there and we were super excited because except for mum it was our first time on a dolmuş bus.
We arrived at the springs and it was a really beautiful place up in the hills with a rainforest like botanical garden surrounding everything.
We’d heard there was a special family section so headed straight there expecting outdoor thermal springs and massages. Boy oh boy were we wrong! It ended up being 20 lira each to sit in a grimy bath (2 people to each) in a dark little room with tiles falling off it. Jordy even found a hair all as he filled ours up! It reminded us of Plombieres l. B. Back in 07 when ‘massages’ and roman baths turned out to be dingy baths with jets. Well these baths didn’t even have jets! Jordy and I just sat there feeling so stupid in our bathers we’d packed for outdoor springs and eventually became so bored we started playing ‘I’m guessing of an element on the periodic table’.
Luckily there was an hour time limit so Dad couldn’t sit there pretending he was enjoying it all day.
We had a little more of a look around but there was only really cafes, a swimming pool and upmarket hotels so we jumped back on the dolmuş to Iznik.
We found a nice bunch of tile shops and bought a few more souvenirs. I got these awesome pomegranate vases for my college room next year 🙂
Back at the hotel Jordy learnt how to play backgammon from Tim, an English backpacker and two Korean girls, Song and Kai.
For dinner we wanted to try lake fish that’s the speciality here from lake Iznik. Jordy wouldnt stop complaining though because he wanted spag bol, spag bol when such yummy turkish food is at hand! After walking around for nearly an hour (dad wanted fish but didn’t want to pay more than 10 lira!) we finally decided on a restaurant. It wasn’t amazing but we were happy to say we tried it there. Strangely enough spag bol was on the menu so everyone was happy!


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