How much stuff could a little bus fit if a little bus could fit stuff

An early morning to be ready for the bus to Gallipoli our hotel there had organised. We did pretty well to be organised before since there was 13 of us plus an incredible amount of luggage.
When the bus arrived there was a feeling of apprehension as it only had 13 seats and no boot space or luggage space below. The bus driver did an awful job of packing just rushing around trying to shove us on. We couldn’t understand why he was panicking so much. We finally managed to fit in with Elijah on my lap and Ella on mum’s. Al was pretty close to getting a black eye from a handle bar and mum and Sue were like contortionists trying to climb over all the gear to their seats. It was going to be a long 5 hours!
20 minutes later the driver turned off to the the main bus station in Istanbul and we couldn’t work out what was going on. He sped up to this bus that was pulling out and then we figured it out. The bus we were on was just a transfer to a larger commercial one and that was the reason the bus driver was in such a rush. After our brilliant packing job it went to waste!
We left our bus and re-piled on to the bigger one and five hours later arrived at Eceabat after some amazing scenery and a thumbs down road house lunch.
We checked in a went for a little tour of the town (‘little’ is right because there wasn’t a great deal to see). We went to a pide salon for dinner and some went to watch the El Classico match between Real Madrid and Barcelona at a bar and some event back to sleep. Al thought she caused scandal in Eceabat as the only woman in the entire pub! Jordy was wearing a Real top but was too scared to take off his jumper in case the men in the pub were Barce supporters. As if the Turkish really cared enough about Spanish football to hassle him!








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