Hiking in the battlefields

We go on an organised tour of the battle fields on Monday but most of us were keen to a little exploring without a hoard of others armed with cameras around us.
The men left early to ride and the rest of us (excepting sue and mum) met them at midday.
We got Vegemite for breakfast, yaaaaaay!
We caught a taxi right up to Anzac Cove and were dropped right next to the sign. It was a pretty surreal moment really. Something we’d all been looking forward to and something we all know so much about to be finally standing looking at the ridiculously steep hills climbed just after the ANZACs landed and the Mediterranean blue water was incredible. Although the effect was somewhat spoiled by two tourists nearby talking about the Australian and New Zealand Allied Command!
From Anzac cove we walked to cemetery at the foot of Shrapnel Valley. Leanne somehow ran into a reflector post on the way. The cemetery was stunning! They had these amazing trees with pink blossoms that were sensational. We found a local McKinnon from Dartmoor’s grave then ventured uphill to Plugges (pronounced Pluggies) Plateau to find the Firth’s great great uncle Sydney Smith. From the top of the hill we had a brilliant view of the sea, the battle field valleys and the arena set up for Wednesday. I managed to trip over three times and once completely commando rolled into the bushes to save my iPad but grazed my hands and legs. Everyone thought it was hilarious.
We walked down again and from the Shrapnel Valley cemetery walked along the creek thought the valley. In the words of Lano and Woodley, “hurties, hurties, spiky bush hurties!”.
From Shrapnel Valley we walked to Ari Burnu cemetery where the boys had a swim in the cove. Elijah said “for future reference i dont like pebble beaches much”. Al, Maddie and I found the best inscription on a head stone. It was a 18 year old’s from his mum and dad that was so much nicer than the “god hath given and god hath taken away” or “life given for king and country” that were on many others.
To get home we walked 6kms to the dolmuş where a man was meowing. We just had one of those “ooooookay” moments. Elijah had to strip off on the walk from the chaffing of his shorts after the swim and had to tie my shirt around him. He reckoned he’d discovered sarongs and was never going back!
We reconvened for dinner then hit the hay, extremely tired from all the walking.











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  1. Mary Elsum

    I had just watched scenes fron Anzac cove on the Today show when I read this. It sent a quiver through me as i could see what you wee describing. Thankyou, Will be thinking of you on the day. Mary E

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