Helen and Paris

Much to Elijah’s delight today’s tour was to Troy.
We left at 7:30 to beat the other bus loads and were there within an hour. A huge replica of the Trojan horse which although wasn’t original or even very historically accurate was pretty cool, or at least is was cool until we saw a middle aged man planking on it!
Maddie and I had a bit of a chuckle at one of the guys in our group who was wearing Bear Grylls brand cargos!
We had a brilliant guide who showed us around the ruins all from different stages of Troy from its beginning of little more than a few huts to the grand city described in the Illyiad. Pretty different to the brad Pitt movie though. Instead of a desert wasteland it was fertile farming valleys full of walnut and fig trees. There was also lots of Roman ruins from when Constantine had wanted to rebuild Troy as the new Rome before building Constaninople.
While he said the story of Paris and Helen of Troy was not as many of us know it and its unlikely any man would fight 10 years for a woman we decided we’d do a Mythbusters and reject reality and substitute our own. The romanticized story is so much nicer than one of warfare based on economics. Jordy thought he’d fight for 10 years for Miranda Kerr!
By 11 the tour was over but we were dropped off in Çanakalle for the afternoon to have a look around. It was pretty busy, there were Australians everywhere. So many awful temporary Australian flag tattoos on faces! Al heard one girl telling her friend how to pronounce Çanakkale (Chanakaleh). “Yes it’s definitely pronounced Shenakarl”.
We had to have dinner early because we were being bused to Anzac Cove at 8 to stake out spots overnight.
We ended up having a really nice dinner because the hotel had their grand openings of their beer garden. FREEBIES!
After heading up stairs to ad an extra sixty layers or so we filed onto the bus. It was pretty exciting knowing that we were actually on our way and in a matter of hours the ceremony would begin.
As we entered we received little packs (the Kiwi lady that handed me mine caked them pressies in a brilliant accent) with a beanie, poncho and some information booklets.
We found good seats pretty easily and Jordy, Dad and I had an awesome setup with our sleeping mats and sleeping bags that I managed a really good sleep. I got too hot in fact while others were freezing.
They had documentaries playing all night which was brilliant and there was a great atmosphere in the crowd. We didn’t even hear any cries of ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, oi, oi’ thank goodness!







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