Problem Yok

We had a nice view to wake up to this morning. Al and my’s cabin overlooked the ocean where little fishing boats were coming in with the morning’s catch.
Al had top catch a dolmus at 9 to see the tour of turkeyso we didn’t have much time to waste but breakfast was really good. al was happy to finally have an omelette rather than boiled eggs although the bread Sefi gave us was a really hard sourdough, almost stale we thought but he’d said his mum had just baked it. We even got fruit which never normally is part of a Turkish breakfast.
We didn’t have a very long day ahead but we wanted to be able to take it easy so left not too long after al. Seyfi and the others from Istanbul through water after us for good luck but said we wouldn’t need it with jordys evil eye on his bike and dads lucky prayer beads.
Judging from the hill we had to climb back up I think we needed all the luck we could get!
Halfway up we stopped to explore ruins of a roman amphitheater which were in pretty good condition. It was made from local stone which legend has is was extremely caustic and bodies left on the stone in the acropolis would have all their flesh eatenn off within three weeks. At the ruins there was a father and son looking around too. They asked us where we were from and said here ally wanted to visit Australia next year after he finishes his compulsory military service. He has to serve for 18 months in the Jandarma which is like a military police. We knew Turkey had compulsory service but we assumed they got paid although he said that the don’t get anything. They also don’t get much time off. Today was a rare opportunity to spend time with his father. It’s only the men however, there isn’t any compulsory service for women.
There were more ruins at the top of the hill and a statue of Aristotle who had spent time in assos and we got a great photo of him with our helmet on and the bike beside him.
Back on the bike we rode along the coast to Küçükuyu where we ate lunch. Lining the road the entire way there was just hotel after hotel after hotel and dogs everywhere that kept chasing us. It was funny to see the contrast between the rich resorts on the right of the road and the vey basic country life that existed on the eft. Men with donkeys ploughing the field by hand against 5 star holiday hotels.
At Küçükuyu we needed to Internet to get directions to the organic farm we were planning to stay at but the organisation that run the website we found it on, TaTuTa, aren’t very organized and hadn’t got back to us. A bit of google mapping gave us a rough idea but it was still pretty sketchy.
We needed up overshooting the turn off we needed to take and were redirected by some little kids in Fenerbahçe shirts.
The first 2 kms on the road to Adatepebaşi was quite flat and we became more and more hopeful it would stay that way especially as we weren’t sure we’d even be able to find the farm and maybe have to turn back and stay in Küçükuyu.
It sure didn’t!
We had a 5km climb up the steepest hill of the ride and it was hot! There were potholes everywhere and bee boxes lined the road. If there’s one thing that makes you ride fast up a hill it’s bees!
We eventually made it to Adstepebaşi ( Ada= island, tepe=hill, başi=top) and asked around for Hassan from Çinar farm and luckily were taken to a çay salon where Hassan was sitting!
Unfortunately TaTuTa hadn’t told him we were coming so three crazy Aussies in bike gear has turned up out of the blue. The fact out Turkish is mediocre and he didn’t speak English wasn’t a real help either. Happily a couple in the village, Elçin and Hakan, speak English so they were sent for and everything was resolved. “problem yok”.
Elçin was great to talk to and so helpful as a translator. Without her we would have been in trouble!
We then met his wife and son( he was the same age as jordy) and were told his daughter was at a friends house.
We had such an amazing dinner! We sat on the floor on their balcony with and view of the ocean, you could even see Lesbos. It was heaven!








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