The Agean or the Arctic?

Back on the bike!
Today we rode from Eceabat to the island of Bozcaada,just over 60kms. We had to leave pretty early so that we’d make it to the ferry from the mainland to Bozcaada on time at 2:00. We caught the 8:00 ferry from Eceabat to Çanakkale and then cycled from there. Unfortunately we got epically lost coming out of Çanakkale so we wasted 5kms and half an hour. Dad wasn’t happy! Jordy wasn’t either because he was having bike troubles but we couldn’t really afford the time to have a really in depth look or do any serious repair work.
We were riding out the way we’d gone to Troy theotherday so we had for warning about the road and lucky we did because sit was bloody awful. It was supposed to be a two lane highway each way but with one side had roadworks happening and so it was back to one lane each way, no shoulder, lots of potholes, lots of stones, lots of trucks, very hot and a humongous hill. It was rather scary really because the drivers were doing the best they could to avoid us but they couldn’t really swerve too far in their narrow lanes escpecially when the road was so windy and they couldn’t see what was coming up ahead.
Eventually we hit a turn off that was on a little country road that was much nicer. 35km done and Jordy said it was only 5 to 11. We decided we could afford a stop because we’d made such good time so we had a little snack in the mosque gardens of a little town with this nice old man and then jumped back on. Alarming as we just got out of the town Jordy said it was 12:45 so somehow our 20 minute stop had taken over an hour! We began to panic a little bit because we still had 25km to do in an hour and half on an undulating road so we had to step on it.
We made good time and was at the ferry port by 1:30. We bought tickets and where about to hop on when the ferry man suggested we have some lunch or something because it was a long time until the ferry departed seeing as it was only 12:30! Very sheepishly Jordy looked at his watch and it was 12:30. We’d ridden so fast we went back time! Jordy is no longer the official time keeper.
We sat at a cafe and had a cold drink waiting for the ferry and Al and eventually 2:00 rolled around. We caught up with Al off the dolmuş and soon were on Bozcaada.
We found a pansyion easily because a lovely old man was handing out flyers as we came off. His name was Ergin and he was a champ. We bargained down from 50 to 35 so smiles all around! We later read the Lonely Planet review which said it had a delicious breakfast but was a decorative disaster. Sure, lime green and orange aren’t the best accompaniments for each other other but disaster is a bit harsh!
We were really keen for a swim but the nice swimming beaches were 6 or so kms from the town so we thought we’d hire Al a bike and ride out there.
We met a really friendly guy at the hire place that reccomended a better beach, gave jordy his snorkel set and told us a nice restaurant to go to that would give us 10% of if we said he’d sent us.
We peddled off to the beach, it was pretty stunning. Turquoise water, white rocks and sand for a change. The only problem was it was freeeezing! We managed to get in and dad and I went a little swim out and in but even Bear Grylls wouldn’t have survived in this water for long! Jordy and Al had stone skipping contests but it was getting late and we were all hungry because none of us had had lunch.
We met our mate back at the bicycle shop and then ventured down to find the restaurant he’d mentioned. We couldn’t find it so I asked a group of old ladies in the park but they couldn’t really explain so called over this group of little boys in soccer shirts to escort us there. “Come! Come! Lady! Come lady!”.
We found the restaurant and had some awesome mezes; fig,apricot, golden raisin and olive salad, smoked eggplant, hummus, smoked white bait, black eyed peas salad and mussaka. For mains we shared calamari and sardines which were both really really good. Dad and Al had a bottle of red wine from Bozcaada and all this with a sea view!
Our mate turned up at the restaurant and now Dad’s got another new BFF. He found out about where he is from, his wedding in September, his job, his family, pretty much everything. He even drew in a couple of waiters who sat down and had a chat.
Back to our decorative disaster room for a very restful if not chic sleep!








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2 responses to “The Agean or the Arctic?

  1. Jen

    I love all Mike’s new BFF’s!! AttaMike!

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