Riding with Winnie

There were were two ferries leaving Bozacaada today at 7:30 and 12:00 but in order to try the Ergin Pansiyons famous breakfast we gambled on arriving at Assos late and took the 12:00 one.
The breakfast didn’t seeme to be so extraordinary it was the typical Turkish breakfast; olives, tomato, cucumber, feta, honey, jam, bread and a boiled egg. The olives were better than normal though.
We had to do some bike repairs which took quite a while but were necessary as we’d been putting them off for days.
We then had to leave Ergin and his lovely chuckle and walked down to the port where we left our bikes and then went for a quick look at the castle that’s right down in the water’s edge. Unfortunately it was closed so we walked around the outer perimeter and then walked back to the ferry where there was wifi so dad could organise our accommodation and Al’s buses for the next few days.
Back on the mainland we split up with the plan of meeting at a town with a famous market 40kms down the road.
It was really windy by the sea in the direction we were riding but it mustn’t have been quite as we thought because we certainly had a head wind and and uphill climb for pretty much 45 kilometers until Ayvacik.
As well as a tought ride the road we were on seemed to bypass every town and there wasn’t even any service stations which is so strange because normally there’s one every 5kms in Turkey. We ran out of food except a juice box, two biscuits and half a jar of honey. Jordy had the biccies, I had the juice and dad drank the honey right from the jar like Winnie the Pooh!
We were still 15kms from Ayvacik but had to just push on (or more like up!).
It was 4:00 by the time we arrived which considering how undulating the ride was was pretty good.
We hunted around for Alex for 10 minutes but soon our hunger got the better of us and we went to find something sweet. We stumbled upon this really nice little bakery where the lady gave us samples of everything and a few freebies to take. We got cake, biscuits, short bread and churros for 6 lira!
While we were in there a man from a computer shop next door wandered in who’d ran a hotel specializing in Anzac tours in Çanakkale for 6 years. He was really friendly and said he’d keep a lookout for Al if she was around.
We walked in search of the market but everything was closing up by the time we found it. However I did manage to find a Hoşgildeniz rug! I’d seen them in people’s houses and loved them because it means welcome in Turkish.
We found a cafe to have lunch at. It was really good but after we’d finished eating we felt way too full all of a sudden. We hadn’t eaten a great deal just soup and rice but because we’d had nothing since breakfast it was still to much. Hopping back on the bike was awful, I thought I was going to be sick!
As we were leaving Ayvacik a dolmus passed us then stopped and put jumped al. She’d been there all along but hadn’t been able to find us thought our computer man had. He said he’d met her brother, Michael. We agreed to meet at the next town to sleep and off she went.
17kms uphill later we made it behramkale/assos, the town we had agreed to meet al at. It was a very hilly ride an d inspired peraphs the worst parody yet,”wo let the hills out?! Who? Who? Who? Who?”. Terrrrrible! We’d said to meet at the bus station but there wasn’t one so we didn’t know where to look. She was going to book accomodation but we couldnt even systimatically ask a few because there were at least 50 in the town because it was such a popular topurist destinatn. The town was in two was in two parts, one at sea level and one at the top of the hill. Obviously we decided to go downhill first but couldn’t see much and didn’t want to go down too far because we knew we’d have to go down again. Allwe could see was a boy on a Vespa that passed us twice. It was getting dark, we weRe pretty tired and starting to get worried we wouldn’t find her. We turned back and took the other uphill road for 5 minutes when luckily she called us. She’d found a pansiyon at the bottom of the hill we’d gone halfway down! We u-turned and went back down the hill where we met the boy on the Vespa again who held up three fingers and laughed. Eventually we made it to the bottom and found the pansiyon where al was waiting. It was great; right on the beach, it had a restaurant, space for our tent and was just 10 lira per person!
After setting up and showering (with cold water!) we had dinner right on the beach and after some iffy soup it was pretty good.
Seyfi who owned the pansiyon was so lovely and extremely enthusiastic. He really wanted to learn English and had his English textbook handy at all times. He loved al and brought out some raki and beer on the house for her.
There were two other guests from Ankara that had brilliant English and were great to talk to and help as interpreters with Seyfi.
We watched them play backgammon and they were much better than Jordy had been back in Iznik.
I had to excuse myself early because I was so tired but it was many cups of çay later before the others made it to bed!






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  1. Jen

    Oh dear, meeting up sounds just a wee bit stressful!

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