A kilo of strawberries

Everyone was out an about today for labour day.
The first 10kms of the ride was along the coast but the rest was a highway further inland.
Although it was hot it was pretty flat and we had a slight tail wind- great conditions!
We had 70kms to cover which after yesterday didn’t seem like much. Everything went pretty smoothly. We had çay and some fruit while sitting in the sun 35kms in with a nice old man who ran the çay salonu.
10kms down the rode there was this overwhelming strawberry fragrance, it was amazing! There was a strawberry farm on the right but it was hard to believe how strong they smelt! A few hundred meters along there was a little roadside stall we had to stop at! They only sold them by the kilo but that didn’t faze us! We bought a kilo for 5 lira and sat by the stall and ate them. The old lady running it even set up chairs for us! 5 lira and they were taset-y!
Another 20km s we were in need of lunch but all that we could see was a servo and a little restaurant next door. On closer inspection the restaurant was little more than a health and hygiene violation! The massive Justin Beiber poster added a fair bit of class though 🙂
Hungry and with no other option we walked in and asked the lady smoking behind the counter for a menu. “no.tost.” Only tost which are just toasted sangas.
I managed to convey I couldn’t have cheese/ kaşarli and got a funny look because I suppose a toasted sandwich without cheese is just tomato on toast.
We sat to wait and watched as she cut everything up with her unwashed cigarette hands, smoked as she cooked and occasionally smokers coughed everywhere. All praise to her though she managed to make them taste good.
We had a head wind on the last leg but made pretty good time.
We found a cute little pansiyon owned by and 80 year old man called Gobi who is “very, very fit!” and rides everyday. He even jumped around to show us how youthful he is 🙂
We scoped out the hammams and there definitely on the cards for tomorrow!
Al met us at 6:30 and showed us some great purchases from here three days away; a Fenerbahçe ‘Alex’ shirt, an Atatürk shirt (I’m jealous!) and a traditional Turkish linen bath robe.








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3 responses to “A kilo of strawberries

  1. Mon Hose

    I’m loving the commentary and “unique” gammar Maggie – keep up the fantastic job you are doing. Sounds like you are all having the most amazing journey.

  2. Jen

    Does turning 30 mean you might forget your name and need a T-shirt to remind you?
    Loving the macro and the micro comments Mags! xx (G’day Mon.)

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