Borat by the bay

Another early morning in preparation for our longest day so far.
We had breakfast with the family (including a wheat soup that is dried at harvest so that they have enough for the next year) and then needed to get away pretty quickly cause we had 90kms to cover. It was a bit sad leaving Hassan and Elçin who’d made the stay so enjoyable!
The ride was along the coast so we had something to look at but it was a highway with a fair amount of traffic and potholes.
We didn’t want to have lunch until we were more than halfway so just had a few minor stops and lunch at a little seaside town 60kms from Adatepebaşi that was really pretty.
Jordy spat it because we couldn’t find nutella so he had to eat the veggies I’d bought but Dads promise office cream managed to pacify him.
As we were eating a Turkish /American man asked us about our ride because he wanted to cycle in Turkey too. He had a holiday in Ayvalik, our intended finish for the day, and suggested we find accommodation on one of the islands that are joined from the mainland by a causeway because there much more attractive.
With another 30kms to go we couldnt really waste time so we didn’t dawdle over lunch.
The afternoon’s riding was much the same but the sun was pretty hot which inspired some Kings of Leon, “ohhhh my legs are on fire”.
Eventually we arrived at Ayvalik and cycled out to the island but it wasn’t quite what it was reputed to be. There was one hotel that we enquired about that was 550 lira for one night! A little too much over our 150 lira budget.
Back on the mainland we just went to the first hotel that we saw. We were all too tired to hunt around.
The rooms weren’t great but it had a pool we swum in, a great ocean view and Borat worked there!
Because we were on the waterfront the neighboring restaurants were expensive so we walked to the main street were jordy spotted this awful looking pizza hut-esque place, ‘pizza & more’. I really didn’t want to eat there but jordy cracked it again so we had to. In Turkey where there is so much good food and endless cheap takeaway options and the boys eat disgusting greasy pizza, fatty chicken wings, fries and garlic bread and even what I deemed to be the healthiest thing on the menu ended up being cardboard köftes and lettuce. Yuck!





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