The two cent coin king

Sleep in!
We had a relaxed breakfast at 9:30 and didn’t leave the pansiyon until 10:30, this is a holiday now!
There are famous Roman ruins about 2kms out of Bergama that was our must do for the day. They aren’t as expansive as Ephesus so the amount of other tourist was pretty low.
They certainly were ‘ruiny’ as Dad described. Not a great deal was intact but there were some great columns still standing and small bits of roof. There was a small amphitheater that is one of the steepest in Romanruins because Olof the hill it was built on.
The day was fairly hazy but the view was still pretty impressive.
As we were walking around we saw a turtle which we were so impressed by. We were worse than tourists in Australia seeing kangaroos!
Jordy won a bet against Al when he was able to flick a coin onto the centre of a pillar in a well. He says he’s the 2 cent coin king now.
We walked back down the hill through the old gymnasium and saw some great roman mosaics of these grotesque faces.
Walking back through town we stopped at the Red Basillica, what was formerly a huge Egyptian temple. Jordy and Al didn’t go in but Dad and I were happy we did because there was a lot more intact than the roman ruins at the top of the hill.
We had the best lunch! A little restaurant called Köy Evi (village house) that a woman and her daughter ran. The mother cooks different dishes each day so we just had a mixed plate and it was fabulous, especially a little eggplant köftes called a manti. We had poppy seed cake and Turkish coffee for desert and she gave us complimentary baklava. We had so much food and it was only 30 lira!
We’d walked past the hammam earlier and for the complete package it was fourth lira and it looked pretty good. There was also a friendly guy working there where everything was ‘my firend’. Much nicer than ‘lady!’ all the time 🙂
I didn’t know what to expect but it was pretty cool. Everything was old marble because it was really old. First we were in a sauna like room, it was so hot! You could feel the heat radiating from the floors and wall.
After a hammam lady scrubbed everywhere with what felt like sandpaper but must have worked because everything she scraped of was kinda gross! She soaped you after then gave a brilliant massage!
I have never felt so clean, it was brilliant. I was also really happy beaus ei bargained for a hammam towel and got it 5 lira cheaper than dad had in Istanbul.
From there Al had to catch a bus to Izmir to fly to LA (she’s going to Graceland, yeah! Graceland, Tennessee!).
We didnt do much after, just made ourselves dinner and organised for the next day.










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