Top Gear Turkey

There was a fair bit of Queen at the end of our ride today! After riding 120 kms we felt like champions!
We left Manisa by 7:30 to give ourselves plenty of time to cover the distance.
The first 40kms were good, we’d obviously had a good sleep to recover from yesterday. There were some hills but we had a tail wind. There was a problem with the distance though because we passed three different road signs all giving different distances to the town we wanted to have morning tea at.
We stopped at a restaurant just off the highway and made a new friend. Askin the waiter was a very enthusiastic young guy! He gave us new names; I was Paris Hilton, Jordy was Fernando Torres (which I guess is fair to say he was happy with!) and dad bizarrely was Bill Clinton! He also gave us roses and friended us on Facebook- enthusiastic!
We had a great dessert that was called Kemalpaşa after a local town. It was like a pudding but not cakey with and almond, vanilla and tahini paste sauce. Sounds weird but it was super tasty.
The next 20kms to Kemalpaşa was a little tougher. We had a head wind and it was a gradual incline all the way there.
We had lunch there, mine was leftover Special K from breakfast (having cereal was like heaven!) but I think it was better than the hamburger Jordy got from a fast food shop that wasn’t even the size f his palm and cost 6 lira! That’s crazy considering monstrous kebaps cost 2.5 lira!
We had a nap in the park and pulled a pretty good practical joke on Jordy. Dad and I woke up and sorted out our bikes out then yelled out to Jord to wake up because we’d accidentally slept for two hours. We got him good! He started panicking and complaining about how far we had to go. It wasn’t until 5kms out the road he realized it was only 12:30.
Kemalpaşa to Torbalı was harder again. Somehow we had a head wind again even though we’d changed direction and we had a 5km mountain climb at 8% in the sun! Still, it was nothing compared to yesterday so we weren’t fazed.
At the top of the hill there was a school group picnicking and dancing in the forest which was pretty cool.
Unfortunately the down hill was only 5% which meant Jordy could only go 50kms (and me ‘Captain Slow’ 35kms!). We started calling ourselves Top Gear Turkey becuase I was obviously James the slow, cautious one, Dad was Clarkson because he loves to describe thing things using ‘in the woooorld’ and Jordy was Hammond because he has all the mechanical difficulties and gets way too excited about going fast.
At Torbalı we had another rest. Jordy had pizza while Dad and I had çay.
We thought we only had 20kms left but as we got 5kms out of town the sign said 24.
We had a head wind AGAIN but luckily it was mostly flat. We didn’t stop at all but had the same sign problems as the morning somehow a magical 3kms added itself to the distance. We had a last climb into Selçuk but after 120kms what’s a little hill?
I’d read about a little campsite near the citadel in town so we headed there to set up camp. It was a pretty nice place. Rosa the Italian owner was lovely and there were only two others spots filled so. It was relaxing! We had a great view. Of the citadel from our tent door. Just a shame about the Winnebago.
It was the first time all three of us had been in the tent and was a little squishy but warm for tired bodies!

We got a photo of the speedo at the camping ground that says 119 but after riding around Selçuk for groceries and water the official count was 124kms





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  1. Jen

    I have a theory that every wind on a bike is a head wind – and usually accompanied by ‘gentle’ inclines which for me are monstrous hills! I admire your fortitude and friendliness to every person you come across in Turkey – so much hospitality!

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