Saturday market

Day 35
Selçuk is famous for its saturday market. The Şehir Merkezi fills up with fruit and veg stalls as well as clothes, souvenirs, household goods and even stalls so specialised they only sell shoe soles.
The food section was brilliant. We bought enough food for the next few days for under 20 lira; figs for 8 lira a kilo, eggplants for 2 lira kilo and potatoes for 35 cents a kilo! The only problem was deciding which stall to buy from. One where we bought figs, olives and peanuts had this lovely old lady who didn’t have a great deal to choose from but she grew everything in her little garden.
In the clothing section I wanted to find an Atatürk shirt like Al’s but sadly couldn’t find one.
After dropping our food back in the fridge at camp we rode to the Ephesus museum. At Bergama we had gone to the ruins before the museum and found that had we done it the other way it would have been much more interesting as the museum had many of the interesting artifacts taken from the digs when excavations first began.
The museum was one of the best we’ve been to and although it didn’t have an awful lot what was there was really interesting. There were backgammon tables taken from Roman times that were my favourite. Dad found the statue of the god of fertility that’s on endless postcards, who, as Jordy put it “had massive goolies” and Jordy thought the weapons were the best (no surprises there!).
Many of the statues had crosses engraved into their heads from when the Christians came to Ephesus.
At about 3:00 yesterday’s ride really started to catch up to us and it was pretty apparent we weren’t going to have to energy for Ephesus so we went to have afternoon tea at a little cafe where we tried a local shredded wheat dessert called Künefe and freshly made Mulberry Gelati. Just near our campsite was the ruins of the St John cathedral built to honour John the Apostle who came to Selçuk twice in his life and lived out his last years here. The legend says he even brought the Virgin Mary here on his first visit.
It was pretty cool. There were huge marble columns that looked like chocolate helva and a lot of detailed stone work and decorations were still there. The tomb of St John was also there but his his bones were taken a couple of hundred years ago to Istanbul from there. We saw more turtles which still engrossed us for the better part of 20 minutes.
We then rode to the Temple of Artemis (or the column on Artemis) that was a a Wonder of the Ancient World. Jordy loves ancient history so he was in his element. Unfortunately most of it was under a swamp but we saw some water snakes and even more turtles.
We went back to camp from there and made a pretty good dinner. With all the great produce we’d bought.
Dad had to go back into town for a toothbrush and ended up stumbling upon a Turkish rock concert in the main square. Dad said it was brilliant (Jordy and I were SO disappointed because Turkish rock is so awesome) 😛











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