Day 37
Jordy had been looking forward to today for weeks. Going to Europe’s biggest water theme park, Adaland. A bit of a juxtaposition to yesterday!
Not much to write about except we had great weather for it. In fact a little too much sun I think! There was also no one else about because it. Was a Monday so no queuing for anything.
Jordy had the time of his life, we well and truly lost count of the rides he went on! Dad also got to use is Jeremy Clarkson impression several times when we rode the longest water slide in the woooorld.
On returning to Selçuk we had one of the best dinners so far in Turkey. Hummus, zucchini fritters, gozleme, stuffed eggplant and the house speciality a lamb casserole. So good! Unfortunately as we cycled home we stopped for gelati which was terrible! My sorbet turned out to be ice cream so I couldn’t eat it and the ice cream the boys had was chewy and stringy like mozzarella. It was so bad Jordy wouldn’t even eat it so dad had to have three!







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