’80’ kilometres to Bodrum

Day 40
We woke up to an amazing thunder storm this morning!
It had poured during the night and the noise was intense. We managed to keep everything dry except our helmets and one cycling shoe each of Jordy’s and mine.
We had to leave early to cover the 80 Kms of undulation to Bodrum. The first 10 was the same as the ride in yesterday so it was pleasant but alone the highway it was dusty from roadworks and sweaty from the humidity.
We were lucky on the first big hill because there was a tunnel halfway up that had us singing “Miiiiiichael, you have to put on your red light but you don’t have to sell your body to the night”.
We knocked down 40kms pretty easily and were at Milas for lunch at 1:00. Lunch ended up being really good and we had a funny waiter, Suan, who was impressed by how fast Jordy and dad went down the Söke hill the other day but seemed a little underwhelmed with mine.
We watched a group of old men play Rumikin which we loved, it was like being home playing with Oma after school.
We had a long climb out of Milas but had a nice breeze that was a brillian change from the morning (just a bit of a bugger the breeze became a strong head wind 10 minutes later!).
The next 30 passed slowly but weren’t hilly so we were still feeling pretty good.
My chain came off up one little hill and we were overtaken as I was putting it back on by a couple of large Turkish men who cheered themselves past us. Once we were back on we caught up to them in no time and said they could tag on the back for some slip stream- they thought that was pretty funny. On the downhill we sped away and they yelled out good luck.
We stopped for more water 20kms from Bodrum and that’s where the hills really kicked off.
We had a great view of the ocean and we were certainly going slowly enough up the hills to have time for a good look 😀
Eventually we made it to Bodrum (95 not 80kms later!) where we were greeted with an interesting sign from the Fisherman of Harlicarnasses which we hoped made more sense in Turkish .
Another 5kms and we we’re at the şehir merkezi. It was already 5:30 and although we’d planned to camp the nearest campsite was at least 15kms away and after 95 we weren’t keen for more.
We managed to find a nice little hotel that had a shower that was separate, not just the sprayed out over the toilet and sink then into a drain n the middle of the bathroom- what luxury! Two great showers in two days! (yes, we are a little worried about our enthusiasm for showers now too).
At dinner I got my 5 millionth marriage proposal. Dad wasn’t complaining though because it gave us a great deal and really great food. Even my Turkish coffee order ‘stopped his heart’. Maybe a little over the top.
We found a great gelateria where we had blackberry, Bodrum mandarin, mulberry and mango sorbet that was infinitely better than in Şelçuk. We also learnt the Turkish word for ‘see you again’.






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5 responses to “’80’ kilometres to Bodrum

  1. Syl

    Are you guys still in bodrum? Cause my dad and little sister are there right now!

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