The ‘Golden sands’ of the worst place in the world

Day 38
We only had 50kms to cover again today so we took it pretty easy. We left quite late but by 11:00 am were halfway there at the ruins of Miletus
It too had a great theatre, but on a larger scale than Priene. All around the back there were covered in hallways leading to all the aisles of seats just like a modern day stadium. We had a little bit of action while sitting in the stands when all of a sudden 20 dogs came out of nowhere and started fighting one another- it was awful!
There was also the ruins of a hamam and mosque in the same area. The mosque in particular was worth seeing because it was in the midst of careful renovation and had a nice (if that can be used) cemetery.
The last 25kms were a little bit of a struggle because we were really sleepy for some reason but they passed pretty quickly.
We arrived at Didim, another popular holiday beach town, before two but it wasn’t as we’d expected. It was pretty scummy and had really unattractive buildings. The hotel we found, after inquiring at 3 closed places, was awful. We were certainly not staying in peak time as we were the only guests in the 400+ room place!
We walked down to the beach that is reputedly one of Turkey’s best with ‘golden sand’ and crystal clear water but it was just covered in rubbish and cigarette buts! Dad still swam and he and Jordy had a game of beach soccer.
As we were looking for dinner we walked past a restaurant that we’d seen earlier on that had a waiter who’d helped us find our hotel so we thought we’d return the favour and eat there.
When we got the menu we soon realised it was a restaurant just for the British tourists because it was all ridiculously expensive English food.
We decided we didn’t want to pay more for our dinner than our accommodation so the friendly Mehmet told us to go further down to his mate’s place. Again we realised we weren’t in peak season because we had to wait for their chef to return from the market and tell the waiters what she’d bought so we knew what we could order! Still much better than an English breakfast, Sunday carvery and fish and chips which was what was on offer everywhere else.
It ended up being really great though ( except Jordy and I were kind of grossed out when dad had brain soup for entree!).
The waiter there’s spoke English and as soon as yet old us his name was Mustafa Jordy thought he was the coolest guy on the planet.
Back at the hotel we watched good old Chicken Run then hit the hay.







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