Jordy verses nature

Day 39
We certainly weren’t sad to be leaving Didim. The tour brochure had taken a lot of poetic licence with its pristine beaches, clean and classy board works and endless family entertainment.
The ride itself wasn’t very inspiring either. We had a head wind which didn’t help but the only road we were able to take was the highway, full of traffic heading to Bodrum.
After 40kms the views improved though. Unfortunately it didn’t help Jordy’s mood much! He absolutely spat it and then we had 2kms of him complaining of everything from the hills to the fact that when he needed t go the toilet yesterday we had to ride 5kms more to a town that was on our route and Dad drilling him back. Happy cycling! Luckily I’m slower up the hills so I couldn’t hear it as badly from 500 metres back!
Once the hit Lake Bafa the hills became more frequent but we had something nice to look at. The lake was also interesting because it was once part of the sea and as aresult is now 50% salt water and 50% freshwater. We stopped and had gözleme and bought fruit from a little market which, with a cup of tea, made everything better. Dad and Jordy were friends again.
The last 10 Kms were what we had looked forward to cycling in Turkey for. The road to Kapıkırı was a lovely little country road wedged between the lake and the stony mountains on the right. It was flat and there wasn’t a dog in sight, just cows lazily walking across the road munching on the strange fruit trees.
On entering the Heraklia national park we paid our 3tl entry fee and were given a camping recommendation. We cycled another 500 metres to Zeybek Pansiyon and set up right next next to the lake- talk about prime real estate!
It was really hot so right after our tent was set up the togs were out and we swam to an island 200 metres from the shore that Jordy reckoned looked ‘sick’.
It had some Byzantine ruins on it but dad and I didn’t have our thongs to climb around them so we swam around to the side with a little pebbly beach and a family of goats while Jordy explored.
20 minutes later Jordy turned up from no where, pale as a ghost apparently having just run away from two snakes and a swooping owl. Dad and I wanted to hang around but Jordy wanted to get off the now ‘bloody crap island’.
After what was the best shower we’ve had in Turkey, if not ever, we walked up to Kapıkırı for a squiz.
It was certainly an impoverished place, the market only sold pasta pretty much and there were old ladies touting donkey rides and handmade scarves everywhere.
We returned to the camping ground and had a great dinner with an even better view, freshly caught fish looking at the sunset over Jordy’s island.







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