The superleague final

Day 41
After an epic sleep in we hit up the dolmuş to Turgetreis that’s famous for its Saturday market.
It was a nice drive around the coast (even better knowing we didn’t have do this bit by bike) and through Bodrum, just a little bit dusty.
I talked to a nice old Welsh lady next to me that had a cool walking stick she’d found in her cabin on the cruise ship she was on when she first boarded.
At Tirgetreis the market was a bit of a let down food wise because although it was reputed to have a big produce section like Selçuk we couldn’t find it.
It did have a nice textiles section though where we bought Billy a birthday scarf.
Dad was totally done over by a man at a gourmet food shop who was selling some of his wares on the street. Dad had asked the price of dried figs and honey and sesame seed peanuts but somehow thought he bargained the price of the figs down to the same as the peanuts- he definitely hadn’t and so ended up paying more for the figs. They were good though!
From Turgetreis we dolmuşed to Gümüşlük a little fishing village that had a secret causeway out to a little island built by a king who once lived there.
There were also all these nifty decorated gourds everywhere that I though was great because in primary school we used to grow them and decorate them or use them as musical instruments.
It was a really nice little town that hasn’t been overrun with real estate developers yet so while being a popular tourist spot it wasn’t like Bodrum.
Back to Bodrum and we rode to the Mausoleum of Harlicarnasses, another wonder of the ancient world. 2 down, 5 to go!
We booked a ferry to Kos for Monday where a man told Dad Jordy could work for him becuase ‘he’d do good business but didn’t look too smart at lessons’. A perfect situation for the ‘he’s talented in other ways- he’s good at music’ Göynuk euphemism.
We met a really friendly couple from Sydney that had certainly found Bodrum’s best strawberries and some Turks who were pretty impressed its our bikes.
He’d seen the Koga brand and thought we were Dutch then spent a good 20 minutes asking about them,telling us about his own Bianchi and calling over all his friends for a squiz.
We rode along the beach boardwalk and found a restaurant playing the Galatasaray verse Fenerbahçe championship game and champions league qualifier and had dinner there amongst a jam packed crowd of soccer fanatics.
Galatasaray need up winning and Bodrum went crazy! The noise of horns and vuvuzelas was overwhelming. The streets were completely packed and god help the ambulance that tried to move through the traffic jam. At 11:00 the noise hasn’t abated at all, celebrations are going to continue for weeks at this rate!

We’ve also had some everydayheroes website donations so thanks everyone for that! Again sorry for some funny spelling mistakes/ grammatical errors/ wrong words or as Mon said on a previous comment ‘unique grammar’ because my iPad likes to autocorrect!













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