Atatürk and Al Pacino

Day 42
First thing this morning we rode down to the Bodrum Castle on the harbour a couple of hundred metres from our hotel.
It’s famous for being one of the best, of not the best, underwater archeology museums in the world.
The building itself was pretty interesting but a little bit sad because every now and then you could see marble blocks and sections of columns from the Masoleum the crusaders had stolen to build it when the destroyed the Masoleum.
The museum has the largest collection of amphoras (‘glorified pots’ in Jordy’s mind) in the world and was far better than most other museums we’ve seen because of the frequency and quality of signage.
In the courtyard was the most amazing mulberry tree a worker was picking fruit from that were delicious.
One of the most impressive displays were the remnants of a Byzantine ship that had sunk in about 626 AD that was carrying mainly glass which meant archeologists had over 1 million fragments of glass to sort through and often reassemble! I loved a little wooden chess set they found on board played by the wealthier passengers and high ranking crew.
I was most impressed by a large collection from a Bronze Age shipwreck that had sunk in the 14th century BC because of just how old everything was. There were also Egyptian artefacts on board that were at least another 2000 years older than everything else! One piece on display was a hollow,decorated ostrich egg that had taken months to clean layers and layers of grime on it. I couldn’t imagine the patience and care you’d have needed for that job.
From the castle we rode out to Gümbet bay and the hill above it to the old flour grinding mills where everyone was flying kites. We had a great view of the peninsula from up there.
Back down to the beach we swam (well dad swam, Jordy got in waist deep and I put my feet in) and watched one man’s struggle to get from the pontoon he was lying on to a lilo in the still, flat water below.
After a shower and a late afternoon siesta at the hotel we walked along the promenade and found a nice little Ev Yemekli (homestyle food restaurant) where we made friends with the owner who gave us 30% off when we paid, free çay and and address for his friend’s farm near Fetiye. He said the owner was a good man, ‘not good to his wife, he make her do all the works but he is still a very nice man’.
As we were walking back we were stopped at a t shirt shop to see if they had an Atatürk one like Al’s. Unfortunately they’d sold all of them but they were a funny bunch of guys. One tried telling us his name was also Kemal Atatürk and show’d us his ‘ID’, a 20 lira note with Atatürk’s name on it! They other tried to sell us a Michael Jackson T-Shirt he said was Atatürk in his younger days and then an Al Pacino one because he was a boss too, only he shot everyone because he was so ‘bad-ass’ and so much cooler. The third one said we could just have his signature because it wasn’t that had changed Turkey, he’d done all the work. He reckoned Atatürk was a good mate but really just a cheeky bugger who’d slept all the time 🙂 They also had a big discussion about how good Harry Kewell was and were impressed by Jordy wearing his Melbourne Victory shirt.











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