Entering Greece

Day 43
We managed to be ready in good time today and still have time for 3 cups of çay at breakfast. We certainly showed dad! HE was captain slow this time 🙂
At the ferry terminal we made a bit of a scene when we had to take off every bit of luggage from our beautifully packed bikes to go through the customs screening. ‘Much baggage!’
On board the ferry the journey wasn’t long, we were in Kos within the hour.
It didn’t really seem like we’d come to a different country except their security screenings weren’t quite as thorough. They took one look at all our luggage and must have decided it was too hard so we were just asked if we had more than the legal limit of cigarettes, alcohol, medication or strangely enough if we had any carpets. I didn’t think my Hoşgildeniz mat counted so we managed to smuggle that in and a fair few packets of Panadol.
We had high hopes of Greece because the Firths (or the Firthios family as we call them now) couldn’t stop telling us superior Greece and the Greeks were to Turkey and the Turks- no way!
Kos was a really nice place but it didn’t really feel that Greek because I reckoned tourists outnumbered the locals 3 to 1.
Just out of the ferry port we walked passed and old lady touting her pension that she promised was very good so we agreed to check it out.
We had this absurd ride through town following her on her Vespa dodging vans, bikes, pedestrians and an awful lot of smart cars. She was a maniac! Riding the wrong way up one way streets, cutting red lights and just generally causing mayhem.
The place was pretty basic but she was so lovely we couldn’t say no. She had trouble pronouncing our names so now we are Marco, Margie and Julie 🙂 Her name was Irini and she had relatives living in Melbourne so she was happy that we were Australian.
After dumping our gear we rode out to Therma Beach that has thermal springs nearby that keep the water warm all year round as well a large thermal pool that was hotter than a bath.
We must have arrived at just the right time because everyone was leaving so for a couple of hours there was barely anyone- it was fantastic.
Riding home we stopped at the the Plane Tree of Hippocrates ( the tree he used to teach under), the ancient agora and the old house of the Count of Kos.
We sat at a little cafe for a while where I tried my first Greek coffee. The waiter tried to warn against it saying I’d probably prefer Nescafé but it was much the same as Turkish coffee so I thought it was great. He too had a brother in who’d lived in Melbourne for 45 years.
It was getting on so we walked back to the pension, had a little talk with Irina and then went across to the street to try our first Gyros (we thought it was an appropriate choice for our first meal in Greece). It certainly rivalled the döner kebabs in Turkey! Funnily enough the owner here had a brother living in Australia too but this time in Alice Springs.








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