Meeting up with Mum and Emily

Day 44
Mum and Emily were flying in to meet us this afternoon from Milan so in the morning we did a little tour of Kos.
Hippocrates lived here for many years and parts of the Asclepsion (healing place) were dedicated to him. It was a quick ride out of town and was pretty impressive (once you managed to wade through the hoard of cats at the entrance and car park).
As far as buildings there wasn’t much left but the huge three tiered staircase was as well as a few columns from the temple of the god Aclepsios who reportedly visited the sick lying in his temple while they slept and cured them.
Next we rode to Zia a village higher up in the hills that was really pretty. It was pretty hilly and few passed a few oldies who’d turned around because cycling up was too strenuous. The village was like a Greek Şirince, lined with souvenir shops and packed with tourists.
The best part was the 5km descent down, we didn’t quite reach Jordy’s 82 but I managed 70 without being hit by a tour bus or a dune buggy that everyone here is renting.
Back down at sea level we had time for a quick swim then back to Kos town where dad caught the bus out to the airport and Jordy and I sorted out the rooms with Irini. We also may have had two souvlakis each to taste both the pork and chicken. We had ridden 40kms though!
All back together and it was present time! Jordy got these great Rastafarian undies and I got a matching earring and ring set she bought in Marano.
Emily and I compared our Italian and Turkish scarves then a little walk around the town.
We visited Hippocrates tree and the agora again and found the best dried fruit at a little market. Jordy ate a whole 500g bag of dried kiwi and then went back and bought a second!
We also visited a gorgeous little Greek church that had a great scented incense burning.
Like true Greeks it was 8:15 by the time we found a restaurant with a great rooftop garden terrace and a lovely owner.
The food was great! Mum had aubergine wrapped beef, Emily had a rooster casserole, dad had seafood risotto, Jordy had whole fried octopi and I had stuffed peppers and tomatoes. Greece is looking good!
While picking up breakfast supplies Jordy found coco pops that had a Yoda light saber spoon in it. It was pretty cool but the man at the cash register was right in asking if he was five and suggesting he REALLY needed to find a girlfriend!











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