Day 45
We left Kos this morning for Leros, another island in the Dodecanese.
It’s not so touristy like Kos but Matina, a friend of Dad’s from uni, has a holiday house there.
We caught a ferry mid-morning that took just over an our to get there. Lucky it was quick because it didn’t take long for us all to feel a little queasy though we still had time for a few games of emperor scum! We went via Kalymnos so had a chance to look at the town from the harbour that was really nice. All the houses were sort of mismatched and various colours so it gave this great effect.
Landing at Leros we had a bit of an exploratory walk from the port to Matina’s house. We managed not to get lost and had some very friendly locals help wit h directions and offering lifts.
The house was great, there were even lemons on the tree 🙂
Emily, Jordy and I went to get food for lunch but ended up walking at least 3kms when unbeknown to us there was a bakery, supermarket and fruit and veg shop 300 metres further up the road from the house.
The beach is really close so we went down to check it out. The water was cold but so clear. Having pebbles was a nice change too because it meant we weren’t finding sand in our ears for the next two weeks.
We checked out Alinda double dinking on the bikes and then found a taverna for dinner. Dad and Emily had moussaka but it didn’t live up to the high expectations unfortunately.
As we were riding home we found another supermarket 500 metres away so we weren’t impressed!









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