Lost on Leros

Day 46
Leros is only 2 kilometres wide and 20 kilometres long but somehow we got impossibly lost this morning.
We wanted to go to Belfoutis Bay at the northern end of the island but somehow ended up at Laki on the southern end. We rode down there with two bikes mum and Emily had hired which meant that mum certainly wasn’t impressed when we realised we cycled 10 hilly kilometres in the wrong direction (We had had toast and cereal for breakfast though so that kept us happy).
It ended up working out well though. We found a soccer pitch and Jordy finally got the game of soccer he’d been whining about incessantly.
We also found a great fruit and veg shop and had morning tea sitting by thee harbour.
We continued round to Pandeli where we swam in freezing cold but amazingly clear water and at late lunch at a seafood restaurant the travel agent on Kos recommended. Mum had swordfish, Jordy had calamari, dad had fish soup, Emily gambled on a second moussaka, I had a goat osso bucco and we shared eggplant imam and mackerel for entree. Everything was so good and we we sitting right on the beach listening to the waves come in, it was perfect!
It was 6:30 by the time we were home so Jordy, Emily and I did a jigsaw that was missing 48 pieces. Dad had a mini working bee in the garden and mum did the last three weeks worth of washing. There was so much there wasn’t enough room on the line! We found cheap baklava that was good but a little too much cinnamon.






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