2 euros short

Day 47
Today we ended up in Laki again but intentionally.
We set out early to visit the tunnel war museum there but unfortunately found it closed even though it was supposed to be open(as a shop keeper said later “it’s stupid but you are in Greece!”).
We ended up finding a nice little cafe to have coffee at but when we went to pay we only had a 20 euro note he didn’t have change for or 3 euros in coins that was 5 euros short. We felt terrible but there wasn’t anything we could do.
We split up from there, dad went for a longer ride to do a lap around the island and the rest of us went back for lunch at Alinda. We had great gyros and then started a puzzle back at home. It was only 200 pieces and pretty easy so wasn’t much of a challenge.
Mum and I had our hair cut by a great hairdresser that was certainly better than the haircut billy got last time we were overseas!
We found a great fish shop and ended up buying ingredients for a seafood risotto that I made for dinner. It was pretty good with fresh mussels, prawns and sea bream. Emily and Jordy made good sous chefs preparing an awful lot of prawns. Jordy was loving all the puns that go with cleaning out the colon tracks.
We went for a late swim then started another puzzle that was really hard.It was an Edwardian street scene in sepia and after a couple of hours we’d only just out some of the edges together.




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