Hay carting

Day 50
We hired a Vespa and used our last full day on Leros as a beach day at one of the only ones we hadn’t been to at the southern tip of the island.
Mum and Emily took the Vespa while we three cycled.
The beach wasnt as aesthetically nice as Belfoutis but the snorkelling was great, especially around the rocks.
Dad noticed farmers across the road hay carting and went over to lend his and Jordy’s services.
They needed up spending the whole day helping them! Baling hay in the paddocks and them dining back to their house to stores it all. Meanwhile mum Emily and I were relaxing but we did buy Jordy a chocolate eclaire later o make up for it!
The farmers were really thankful because the father had a bad heart (well we think that fom his gesturing) adm it was supposed to rain that night. They gave the boys a block of their home made cheese and the mother planted a few wet ones on Jordy’s cheeks 🙂
Jordy, Emily and I made dinner again. Jordy wanted Spag Bol (like always) but Em and I found tacos that we were were fairly excited about (too excited really, finding tacos shouldn’t be that fun). We compromised and did both and when Mum pulled out a bottle of Brunello she’d carried from Montalcino and teamed it with the Lerian cheese so we had a pretty great meal.
We managed to finish the puzzle! There was a serious amount of high fiving that ensued and we left it out just so the next people to visit will see our epic effort.






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