Leaving Leros

Day 51
Even Jordy woke up before 8:00 today so we’d have time to clean those and catch our ferry.
We packed, swept, mopped, dusted, scrubbed and washed all the sheets an towels before 11:00 which was a pretty good effort we thought.
The three bikes got a bit of TLC and we still had time for a swim and lunch at out gyros place before we caught the ferry back to Kos.
Emily , Jordy and I got pretty seasick but the trip was only for half hour so it wasn’t too terrible.
We met Irini again at the port and even got the same rooms we’d had last time.
We walked around some of the places we hadn’t been before and tried some home made lemonade and a traditional Kos dessert that was a whole tomato that had been candied almost. It wasn’t hard but really sweet and syrupy, it certainly didn’t taste like tomato.
We had gyros for the second time for dinner which was actually Jordy’s third and fourth for the day!
The others bought chocolate and ate it as we watched the sunset over the harbour from our terrace, a hard life!


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