Pandeli castle

Day 48
Dad rode back down to Laki this morning to try and visit the museum and returm the 2 euros we were short 🙂 The rest of us would have liked to but we were all convinced it would be shut considering it had been on a weekday and today was Sunday and very other shop on the island was.
We did more of our puzzle (we realise how sad it is to be on a Greek island doing a puzzle but it’s addictive!), went for a swim and skyped at the local Internet cafe.
In the afternoon we walked up to the castle inbetween pandeli and agha marina. It was up about a million stairs (that we got lost finding) but was pretty impressive. The view was superb, it felt like you could see the whole island and there were a couple of nice old ladies who act as caretakers that showed us around a lavish church inside it.
Jordy kept giving mum mini heart attacks and he stood too close to the edges of huge drops.
There was one great spot that had arena style seating in a courtyard that the ladies said host plays and concerts during the summer that would have been a fantastic venue.
We stayed up there to watch the sunset over the agha marina harbour and watched the fishing boats sail in followed by huge flocks of different sea birds.
We had dinner at a little restaurant with the best gyros and Greek salad. The waitress gave us free drinks to try that was a Lerian spirit that tasted like cinnamon that was really nice. The others had ice cream and baklava for diner that we ate by the beach at Alinda.
You guessed it, back home we continued on the puzzle that had reached a bit of a stale mate because we’d completed all the edges and most obvious parts and were left with the bricks of a building and a section of ivy that coved the rest of the building. It was super hard because each piece was identical and it was a matter of going through piece by piece trying to match them together.



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