Tacky t-shirts

Day 52
Mum and Emily caught a 9:30 ferry this morning so they could have a look around Bodrum while we stayed until 4:30 to catch the return ferry we’d booked in Bodrum when we left.
Irini made us breakfast and gave us bigg kisses when we left. She must have liked Jordy the most because he got the biggest and longest 🙂
We visited the agora ruins and the harbour castle for an hour or so then ventured up to a part of town we hadn’t been to yet. There wasn’t a great deal to see beside tourist shops selling tacky t shirts. Some of the worst were “&$@# google, ask me” and “good boys go to heaven, bad boys go to Kos”. The Kos one really didn’t even make much sense because Kos doesn’t have a particularly big clubbing/drinking scene.
Jordy and dad bought awful pastries for lunch and I had gyros but felt a little guilty not buying from our friend. Jordy was in seventh heaven buying a triple scoop ice cream of snickers, Ferraro rocher and Oreo.
We sat down by the harbour and played this great logo game that we downloaded on the iPad and iPod as well as compiled a list of the bests foods weve eaten, pretty lame.
We had a final walk around Kos Town then caught our ferry where dad and I caught up on blogging and diary writing.
In bodrum we caught up with mum and Emily with just enough time to have dinner together at my 54th boyfriend’s place before Em caught a bus to Çanakkale to see Gallipoli.
We returned the amazing gelati shop again and introduced Mum to mulberry gelati



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3 responses to “Tacky t-shirts

  1. Rosalie Day

    Hi to the Greenham Family! Looks like your trip is well underway. I’ve only just checked out your blog a little, so look forward to reading more. Hope you’re all having a great time and getting strong legs! Cheers, Rosalie

    • Hi Rosalie. Thanks for the well wishes! I have to say it has been going quite well so far. one flat, one broken chain link, one half crash. roads and drivers have been better than I had imagined/read. have done about 1600ks with 4-500 to go. Kids have coped well, partly because we are only doing about 70-80km a day. average 15ks an hour I suppose. ride about 3 days in a row then a day off. Have been slack over last week though, staying at a friends house on Greek island of Leros. say giddy to Ian, and Tim who I havent managed to email yet following his visit. cheers, Mick

      • Rosalie Day

        Mick – I’ve sent the link for your blog and the ABC radio interview to Timothy. Must congratulate Maggie on her entertaining and informative posts (I’m now a follower) and all of you for embarking on an adventure that you’ll never forget.

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