Chickpeas for figs

Day 54
Second day back on the bikes was to Dalyan.
We teamed up with Lewis and Rory again and set off at a reasonable time but with wet helmets we’d left sitting on our bikes during the night not knowing it was going to rain.
Halfway up the hill out of Marmaris Lewis stopped and then Rory who called out that they’d catch us up. We continued another couple of kms to the top of the hill and waited for them to come up. After 30 minutes we started to get a little worried. We couldn’t wait forever but we didn’t want to ride of without them possibly dealing with massive technical issues.
After 40 minutes we walked down the hill a little way yet even from the high vantage point where we could see a kilometre or two down they weren’t in sight. As we walked back to the bikes a dolmuş drove past tooting and flashing it’s lights so we figured something major had gone wrong and they’d caught the bus.
We had a great downhill then undulation for the next 20 kms. The road was in good condition despite the traffic. I fell off my bike up one hill when I turned back to look at a sign and with my uneven packs over balanced and slid down the gutters of the road. I do have some good bruises now though so all’s well that ends well.
We also saw a group of cyclists going in the opposite direction. They were doing well as one of them couldn’t have been more than 12.
We found a quiet little turn off in a forest to have morning tea (Jordy was a bit apprehensive at first with the possibility of snakes and owls just waiting to harass him). A bit of baklava got the blood sugar back up and we were right to go. Funnily enough as we were pulling out Lewis and Rory rode past.
It turned out Lewis’ chain had snapped so they’d had to walk back down into Marmaris to a bike shop.
We rode on another 20kms and had lunch at a little roadhouse where Jordy was a little disappointed to find out Lewis was a Chelsea supporter.As we were eating it started bucketing down but we couldn’t afford the time to let it pass. It wasn’t the heaviest we’ve had by a long way though.
riding to the Dalyan turnoff was pretty easy, a few hills but it wasn’t as hot as yesterday. The turnoff was a nice little country road that would have been a fantastic ride if it wasn’t for the potholes.
After losing our way through town again we managed to find Mum and Emily at a little camping ground on the river that had an owner who was way too obsessed by his grass.
The english guys lresented us with some salted chickpeas they didn’t want in retribution for the dried figs and we taught them what dinking was as we rode to dinner.
Dalyan was quite a nice town but extremely touristy. In just a few years it’s gone from a quiet little fishing village to a major holiday town. Souvenir shops as far as the eye can see!


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