The climb into Oludeniz

Day 55
Leaving early in the morning we cycled to Oludeniz.
We gambled on the road we took, not sure whether we’d get 5 Kms and hit a dead end and be forced to turn around onto the road we came in yesterday but lucked out.
The road was a little lumpy but flat so we covered 26kms easily in a hour. There wasn’t much to see but we passed through the city of Ortaca that felt completely deserted, the citizens must have been out picnicking and enjoying their Sunday!
We hit our first hill 26kms out that slowed us down a little but wasn’t too bad as it hadn’t gotten hot yet. The worst bit was 5kms on we hit a tunnel that had a sign saying no bicycles meaning we had to detour to the mountain route up and over the highest mountain in the range.
Dad was unwilling to just pretend we hadn’t seen the sign and I wasn’t happy about that but didn’t want to ride off on my own so up the hill it was! Hot and slow!
We did get a great view from the top and a nice down hill where we over took a motorbike but it added 7kms onto the day. Dad’s also started a new bandana trend wearing it on the bike which really suits him, at least Jordy and I think so.
Just below the mountain we stopped at Göcek, a reasonably touristy place but not tacky like many others. It didn’t have a beach but a stunning little harbour.
We met mum and Emily and had lunch from the Sunday market. Sesame and honey peanuts, great banana, honey and tahini gözleme and the most amazing strawberries.
It had gotten really hot while we were off so starting off again was tough with a climb back out from sea level. The remainder of the ride was fairly hilly but not too hard. We met some Canadian cyclists who’d started at Kas and were finishing in Marmaris. They warned us that there was a huge climb into Oludeniz unfortunately!
We stopped to check out the waterfront at Fethiye but there wasn’t all that much to see, just an awful lot of renovations. Mum and Emily were there to meet us. They’d talked to a guy on a dolmuş who said the climb to Oludeniz was quite steep but not long so we felt a little better.
We didn’t stay long because it was getting late but pushed on (pushed is right, it was uphill from the get go!).
Turns out the guy on the dolmuş had no idea what he was on about because it was at least 8kms up hill and so steep that I was going 3.4kms at one stage, less than half the speed of walking, and then eventually so slow that my speedo couldn’t measure it but just said zero. Dad and Jordy even stood up though Jordy reckons he didn’t go slower than 3.9kms.
At the top of the hill we felt tired but pretty proud of the climb and rode around the village happily until we realised that actually wasn’t Oludeniz. 5kms of steep down hill later we rocked up into Oludeniz which means a very steep climb back out when we leave- bugger!
We rode to meet the girls at a caravan park where, like at Dalyan, us kiddos had to tent it while mum and dad got a bungalow.
Walking around town for dinner was excruciating. It was embarrassing to be a tourist really. It was completely ‘tourist-ized’. All the restaurants were out back steak houses or Simon’s fish and chip place- no Koy Evi restaurants. Lots of “hiya, well good innit”s from touts! Eventually we settled for Chinese and felt like losers sitting there in such a ridiculous setting. Funnily enough it was pretty good, better than Chinese food we’ve had at home.
Walking back we visited a tour agency to find out about boat trips and ended up leaving booked in for paragliding jumps in the morning too!

Dad’s bandana




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