Jumping from 6000 feet

Day 56
A pretty incredible rest day!
We woke early to meet the shuttle to the paragliding where we drove up the jump spot, one of the highest in the world. It was freezing cold up on the mountain, so cold there were still patches of snow!
It was too windy at first so we had to wait a little except Jordy’s pilot cracked it with the others because he wanted to fly straight away. He got in trouble for not giving jordy a helmet and so it wasn’t only the temperature that was a little frosty!
I ended up being the first cab off the rank though. It was pretty scary! All of a sudden I was standing waiting to be a clipped to the parachute and what felt like seconds later walking off the edge of a mountain. The view was fantastic and Kemal, my pilot was great pointing out towns and landmarks below. We did a few tricks, spinning around and upside down that left me queasy but exhilarated. What I was most impressed by was the landing, a light touch down as gentle as standing up put of a chair- incredible after falling from 1900 metres!
The whole flight had been videoed so looking back at everyone’s was pretty funny. Jordy’s pilot didn’t do one though because he was so mad with everyone else and hadn’t talked to him during the flight. When Emily asked Jordy where his pilot was Jordy replied “I dunno, off kicking puppies somewhere probably” 🙂
After seeing our videos we boarded a boat for a day trip around the coast line that included the famous Butterfly Valley (without butterflies) and St Nicholas island where Santa was born but who also was unfortunately not around.
Butterfly valley was brilliant. We walked up the rocky river valley to the waterfall and a great view.
Back on the boat surrounded by pale (but very red by the end of the day) English and Russian bodies we sailed to some amazing beaches and St Nicholas island with some brilliant rock pools. The boat had a waterside that was pretty fun going down and splashing into the sea with.
We returned to Oludeniz quite late and had a pretty basic dinner at camp listening to Dad tell some great jokes and Jordy tell some not so good ones. ‘why was the Egyptian confused? Because his daddy was a mummy’ might have been funny when we were five but not now, sorry Jords.
When Jordy, Emily and I went back to our tent to go to bed we found a party happening. A sing along no less. It was funny for half an hour or so listening to 20 drunk Germans and Russians (one who was on our cruise today and liked to pose for photos) sing reggae but when the electric guitar, pedal board, loop machine and speakers were brought out it midnight it went a little mad. I certainly struggled to get any sleep because they partied all night long.







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