Trucking to Adana

Day 57
Because of a fair bit of disorganisation (and sleep deprivation from last night!) it was 10 before we left and hot.
The climb out of Oludeniz was worse than the one in. We had a few captain obvious observers along the way, ‘wow looks like a fair climb’!
Reaching the top was the best feeling, the downhill was pretty hairy with a lot of traffic and a terrible shoulder.
We turned off onto a little country the owner of the Chinese restaurant had put us onto which was brilliant, no cars just donkeys roaming the roadside. We stopped for çay at a little village called Esenkoy and watched a pretty heated battle of Rumikin that ended in one guy storming back to his tractor and leaving.
We continued on the little road for another 10kms until we hit a freeway that had us completely confused about our location. It wasn’t until we’d stopped for lunch and asked the waiter where we were on our map that we had any clue. We’re not at all sure how but we managed to go the wrong way but can’t work out where we even turned onto a wrong road. Either way we were left with 60 or more kilometres and it was already 3:30.
Half an hour later as we were riding a truck swerved onto the shoulder just in front of us and stopped. The driver jumped out and just started yelling at us in turkish. We had no idea until he began to mime putting the bikes on the truck. We said no it was ok about 10 times but he just wouldn’t accept that. He was so insistent he was pretty much pulling the bikes from us. He said the hills were way too hard for the next section and the head wind was too strong. Eventually it seemed way too hard to refuse so we loaded up and jumped in.
He drove us 30 kms (which really wasn’t that hilly or windy after all) telling us all about his journey to Adana to pick up tomatoes to bring back to Fethiye. It was really scary! Saying his driving was slightly erratic is like saying the pope is slightly religious! He was no hands, one hand with a cigarette, pulling drinks out of his little fridge, swerving all over the opposite lane and telling us that he has a 2000km return trip without stopping ahead.
When he finally dropped us off we were pretty relieved! We backtracked a bit to the ruins of Xenthos that we found pretty interesting because of the Lycian architecture that was the first of its kind we’ve seen. We read the city was once great but under the threat of Perisian invasion they had decided they were going to lose and so killed their wives and children, burnt down the city and committed suicide!
10kms further we stopped at Patara that’s famous for having the longest sand beach in turkey. We found a great Pension, the Akay, with the most amazing food and really friendly owner. (no thanks to mum though who lost our lonely planet today- she left it in a dolmuş!). It turns out the english cyclists stayed here too!
The hill first thing this morning must have tuckered us out though because we were like zombies by 9:00!








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One response to “Trucking to Adana

  1. Rory Sullivan

    Great to read about how you are all gettıng on. Truck rıde sounds fun. Pleased that you got to Akay Pensıon as well- fantastıc place. Very jealous about your paraglıdıng!
    We are just about to leave Antalya. Can really recommend stayıng at the Whıte Garden Pansıyon ın the old dıstrıct (Kaleiçı). Brıllıant buffet breakfast!
    Anyway, best of luck for the rest of your trıp. And watch out for the clımb out of Olympos ıf you end up stayıng there- wıll need a serıously bıg supply of drıed fıgs! Oh, and there are a couple of tunnels from there to Antalya- we dıdn`t realıse untıl halfway through that there ıs a pavement. I would use that ıf I were you..
    All the best,
    Rory and Lewıs

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