Kekova by boat

We were picked up early in the morning with all our gear and driven to Uçağiz,a little town 20kms from Kaş just near the sunken city.
We had to wait a little while for the boat to depart but had a great breakfast on the harbour sitting in the sun.
Our first stop was a little way down the coast at a tiny village where there was a castle that has the world’s earliest and smallest amphitheatre carved out of a single rock in the mountain. There wasn’t much detail left but it was great to see it nestled in the castle’s courtyard. The walls of the castle were great too because they were topped with three different block designs from the Lycians, Romans and Byzantines. The Lycian had triangular ones, the Romans has curved one and the Byzantines had one that looked like an M.
I befriended a museum worker and he showed me around the church with a great big bowl for baptising that is filled with wine and the local primary school. It only has one teacher and 5 pupils but a great view from the playground!
Further up from the village was a Lycian necropolis with really well preserved tombs. One had great lion’s heads sticking out.
Back on the boat we sailed to the island of Kekova to see the city. It was interesting because of our guide but wasn’t quite as impressive as we’d imagined. The contrast between the Lycian and Roman architecture was good to see though. It’d sunk during an earthquake and separated from the mainland which meant that because it’s so hard to get there it was still like it had been for centuries.
We had lunch in a beautiful little harbour where we got taking to a lovely Canadian couple who shared some hot tips about Rhodes and Santorini and some great stories of some amazing adventures like a 9 month trip from the north of Africa right down to the south. We might have inspired them to bike ride though Europe similar to our 07 trip because the wife had been thinking she’d like to do a cycling trip somewhere. I think dad’s got some competition though because the husband will be ’74 years young’ when they do it. Dad still has a few more years of cycling ahead now!
Back at Uçağiz at about 6:00 we rode to Demre just 25kms away. We had a brilliant ‘dangerous mountain rode’ ride through a couple of great, traditional Turkish towns. It was comforting to see that not everywhere along the coast here has been commercialised and package tourist-ised! The terrain was still hilly but the views made up for it all. We were so glad to have heard about this and not had more highways. We were escorted through one town by the local ten year old bicycle gang with many ‘Hellooooo! My name is Ali!’s.
We camped just near Demre, Andriake, at an interesting place where we think we were given one of the worker’s huts to sleep in because they had shirts and pants on coats hangers on the wall and a half empty bottle of shaving cream and a razor! Emily, Jordy and I had to pitch the tent to escape the mozzies though!











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