The Big Orange and the Big Hill

Day 59
From Demre we cycled to Olympos along a sensational road.
We left early with a stop over at St Nichloas’ church where we picked up a third team member, a spotted terrier that was remarkably fit. It followed us more than 16kms, just stopping a few kilometres short of Finike. Instead of the Big Pineapple or Big Lobster Finike had the Big Orange.
A quick 20kms to Kumluca we met up with Mum and Emily for astroll around a huge produce market and had great döners and fresh fruit slushies that were great in the heat.
Straight out of town we were confronted with the hill we were warned about. It wasn’t too steep at first but got progressively more so and spanned a good 14kms.
At the summit we had a brilliant view and were invited in for a cold drink by the local fire brigade which was pretty funny.
Crushing down the hill was great because the mountain range and ocean scenery was stunning. We stopped for directions where a man gave us no fewer than six rounds of applause for cycling, cycling from Demre today, cycling the Kumluca hill, cycling from Ankara, cycling carrying packs and a big clap when we said how much we liked Turkey.
Zooming downhill we turned off to Çiralı, a town just near Olymos to find the organic farm we’d organised to stay with. With some less than clear instructions and a few phone calls we eventually found it.
It was a beautiful place, set in a valley between great rocky mountains and full of lush fruit trees.
They had a little bungalow for us and a welcome bucket of their fresh fruit; loquats, oranges, cucumbers, apricots and these bizarre little fruits that looked like a Japanses lantern on the outside and when you peeled it away was like a cross between a tomato, a fig and a plum.
Hidayte was the farmer and his mum made us a delicious dinner where everything had come from their farm. Beans, salad, boiled wheat, cheese, yoghurt and fresh pomegranate juice.







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2 responses to “The Big Orange and the Big Hill

  1. Sounds like the best day of the trip? Stunning!

    • Yeah absolutely brilliant riding and although it was a bugger of a hill it was good, just slow! You should have seen this dog though- it was a maniac!

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