The Chimera

Day 60
Our tourist day at Çirali was brilliant.
We had a sensational breakfast with his home made cheese, yoghurt and fresh milk again with fresh bread and his home grown tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, mulberries, apricots, loquat jam and honey. We even had an omelet with eggs straight form his chickens.
A short walk and we were at the ruins of Olympos which were so serene, tucked away in a forest just removed from the busy beach. We certainly weren’t the only ones there but it was so peaceful it sometimes felt like we were completely alone. They weren’t very intact but walking around narrow little tracks and climbing thought the overgrown trees was great. (just a shame about the semi naked, rotund bodies that we ran into occasionally who’d come straight from the beach!).
We spent the rest of the afternoon basking on the beach and in the warm water. The surroundings were beautiful; a little stream trickling in, rocky mountains to the right and a really long stretch of beach with brilliant turquoise water. A great first day of summer!
We had dinner at a little family restaurant with the best stuffed capsicums and cabbage leaves of the trip. The waiter was lovely and gave us little evil eye pins that his mother makes.
After a quick change into warmer clothes we walked up to the Chimera, the legendary fire breathing mountain of Greek and Roman mythology. It was pretty incredible to see flames just coming out of cracks in the rocky mountain. We were there early enough to see it in the light and stayed until dark where the effect was quite eery. It was funny to watch other people too. One German family had a whole barbecue going on complete with marshmallows and different sausages they were cooking over the flames!














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