The last leg!

Day 61
Our very last cycling day in Turkey today!
We had another ripper breakfast and then got straight into it with a 10km steep climb out of Çirali.
The scenery as great along the ride but so much traffic! Weirdly enough there were also so many people on road motorbikes that we haven’t seen before here just hooning along and being obnoxious (one gave us the bird as they rode past!). There were also heaps of roadworks which sucked but it was still pleasant riding until lunch time.
We stopped at Kemer for lunch and sadly had out last trusty roadside pilau/çorba/bain marie combo at a little family restaurant that had the most adorable little girl. We gave here a kangaroo and a 50 cent coin.
The second half of the day wasn’t as nice because the heat had risen dramatically and the roadworks and traffic worsened.
Dad provided us all with a good laugh when he not only ran into one witches’ hat in the middle of the road as he looked down at his gears but did it a second time. They are fluorescent orange and silver for a reason Michael! We started calling him Leanne because she walked right into a reflector post at Gallipoli.
We had endless freeways and tunnels into Antalya that was the pits. We had to walk through many of the tunnels and it was still scary.
We somehow survived and met mum and Emily with a hotel booked and some freshly squeezed orange juice- perfect!
We had a swim and and a slightly stressful dinner with too helpful waiters but it was a great end to our last leg in Turkey, next stop Athens!







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