A Turkish Hairdresser and a day at Pamukkale

Day 61 & 62
We had a super relaxed day. Emily and I did some shopping, Jordy played Pokemon and Mum and dad sorted out tickets to Pamukkale and then to Marmaris so we can catch the ferry to Rhodes. I took Emily to the hamman where she also bought a towel and now is well and truly one of the gang.
We also had a really funny experience when dad got a haircut. Emily, mum and I walked in halfway through and soon after he was getting his ear hair and nose hair trimmed! It got more bizarre though! The barber lit a flame and waved it around dads ears really closely and singed off what he had missed! Then the other barber gave us all massages because he had nothing to do. As a true Turk he pulled at the lemon hand sanitizer and used that as the massage oil on our faces, hands and neck which was just a little overpowering (to put it nicely!).

The next morning We caught a bus to Pumakkale, only three or so hours from Antalya
We didn’t have any troubles until we stopped at Denizli where the bus finished and we were stuck because the bikes wouldn’t fit on a dolmuş. It was almost looking like we’d have to hop back on another coach and head straight to Marmaris until one friendly man found somewhere we could stash the bikes.
At Pamukkale we had a pension booked (the son of the owner was on the bus from Antalya) and had a friendly man squash us all into his little Astra and give us a lift.
The family that owned the place were great and the grandfather drove us up to the ruins of Heiropolis that were great. The necropolis and the amphitheatre were the stand outs.
What we were most looking forward to was the travertines and they didn’t disappoint. Turquoise water cascading hills that looks like they were covered in snow was stunning its just a shame our photos didn’t work too well with the setting sun behind us.









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